A list to equal the Prefecture Starter

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A list to equal the Prefecture Starter

I have the Prefecture Starter and played quite a few games against the Temple / Savage starters and it felt like I had a big advantage.  I'm looking to get a second small set myself to run some demo games locally.  I need to get it painted and the Cult faction doesn't inspire me.


What set of models would you guys suggest would give a fair game against the Prefecture Starter?

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Although all starters are equal in strenght in my opinion, they surely are not equal in accessability.

The prefecture-starter has some real obvious combos, but the cult is a nice match in my opinion. (the Ito are also nice if you really don t like the cult)

Even though the cult is more subtile in many ways, the geisha and the marionette (to a certain point) are not hard to grasp. But the Geisha in demogames may cause her own problems, if she stays uncommented in a demogame(just make sure they understand that turning your back to her helps).

But still that would be my recomendation if you want full starters.


I for one demo mostly with 3 miniatures per side and 3 idols as objectives. The factions i use may differ... 


Hiro + Jin + Ashigaru 

Zuba + Jun + Slave 

Itsunagi Chiyo and a Bushi

Kato + armored Kairai + Farmer

both Nezumi + a big ratswarm (quite a different direction)


This will give a general impression of the gamemechanics. I tend to stay away from to comlicated miniatures but all of these lists have a little special treat to them.

Hiro's leadership is important against fear (Cult/Wave), Ashigaru have pushattack with first strike

Zuba can use tactican and has his ranged attack, Slaves can use his blood (the fearless-effect should not be forgotten!)

The ito have their optional first strike and boostable speed. 

Kato has his marionette but need to watch his ki for the kairais raise  


The important thing in my opinion, is to keep it simple, but give the atendees something little extra to work with at the same time. One little thing you didn t explained as directly, that they can devise a little plan or strategy on their own around it. 


After the game i tent to explain the full starters and give some pointers for the various factions. More often then not i invite the atendees to have a game of full starters(maybe even their own) at a local store on another day.



a little more indepth -> (#4) : (and with the Ito as the 2nd faction)



PS: Or are you looking for a second list in prefecture to match the starter?

Since that would be quite an endevour... the powerlevel might not be that hard, but the accessability is hard to match... mhhh....