The usual: what to buy next?

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The usual: what to buy next?

Hi there,

I'm not new tu Bushido, but played only a few times in fall 2016 and have to learn the rules from scratch. In the next few weeks, it seems, I can play once again. Therefore I'm looking for new models and Cards.

I own currently:

  • 1 Ito Starter
  • 1 Ayako Ito
  • 1 Saburo

Ito is all about snakes, but at the moment, I want to focus on Samurais/Ashigarus, because I like the models.


My questions:

1. What is the "Lords of Izu"-Theme about? Is it a card, a rule or special theme list? Where can I get it?

2. I've looked at Jirou, but I'm quite unsure about his usefullness. For the normal Temple Bushi or Okyo Archers, he works fine, but only once a turn. Is he a must have, or can I save my money here?

3. I want to play Okyo Archers. Two should be fine, but what about Tamotsu? Do I need him for a third Archer? Or should I go with 1 Tamotsu and 1 Okyo Archer?

4. Do I need a second Temple Bushi?

5. What about the Jade Mamba Guard? A friend used the bodyguard trade once very effectivly, but otherwise, the Mamba Guard seems a bit overpriced? How many do I need? One or two?

6. I will buy Masunagi Ito for sure. He looks just so cool!

7. I have one (or two?) Card packs. Is there a list about the content in each pack?

8. For the snakes, I will head for this theme later on, also with more spell casters and so on. But Yuui Ito looks nice. Does she fit into my thoughts above?


Thanks for your help! :)

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1.) the Lords of Izu theme restricts your profile choices to those that are basically samurai, ashigaru, and a couple more types.  Basically no snakes.  The benefits are they you get more leadership and what is effective a free Ki feat at the start of each turn.

2.) Right now Jirou is only mildly useful.  I'd expect more Ito from the Okyo garrison since there seem to be a few more profiles on the same lines so far: Hitoshi, Tamotsu, Okyo Archers, etc.

3.) Tamotsu and one archer is all you will probably field unless you want to skew you warband heavily towards shooting.  Just the two already moves it in that direction.

4.) as above with the Temple Bushi and Chiyo.  I have yet to field a warband that uses double Temple Bushi AND Chiyo at the same time.

5.) if you use samurai the Jade Mamba Guard is amazingly useful.  I initially tried her out with shisai but couldn't get it to work for me.  Your mileage may vary.  I recommend her highly regardless.

6.) yes, yes he does.

7.). Yuui is a pretty good profile.  I'm currently testing out a warband that uses a lot of Immobilise Attack using her and Taisei.

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Thanks a lot! ^^. That's realy helpful. :) Yes, I want a shooting warband, but have to figure out which models to pick.

I'm once again looking at the model line up and see, that Kaihime Ito is extremly useful against Prefecture of Ryu. But the head doesn't appeal to me ... so - is the head interchangeable?

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Aenarion. You will have to bite the bullet and buy the card packs. They are very useful, alternative profile cards, theme cards and enhancement cards are in them. There is an android app that lists them all but does not show them. 

I bought my models first, then the card packs and I wish I had bought the packs first, as I now have models I just won't play due to the theme cards etc

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