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Do you have a favorite figure or some you always play with.


I often field Saburo, Saburo feels like a battlecruiser: kills anything weaker, gets away from anything stronger.  Saburo are good at getting scenario objektives and are not to expensive.

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I got into this game purely on the aesthetic glory of Itsunagi. I suspect he will be in the vast majority of my lists.

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For the ito it has to be masunagi, for me he is the ultimate envoy model as he needs no body guards to slug across the board haha


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Kenzo for sure, he's great and reliable at melee, fast and mobile, tough. First Strike and SSD0 are a great combination on any model, but a melee oriented Samurai uses them very well. And Steady is nice because ignoring Prone is excellent. He goes into every list, usually with the Muramasa Blade for beautiful Sharp and +2 strength. +3 with the buff from The Blessed.

Naoko also deserves mention because she's terrifying. Blind is excellent at stopping Ranged or Feat attacks, and it works as a general debuff. Auto-disengage just adds to the glory.

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Naoko is a solid performer most of the time. Fear (5) always makes your opponent think twice and Blind means she combos very well with pretty much any melee model, regardless of cost. Impetuous is a real problem though, especially if you lose the Tactical roll and she gets stuck in melee.

Kaihime is almost always a threat. Being able to put the Poison(2/2) on her from Blood of Orochi means she regularly makes a big impression, even when only dealing 1 or 2 wounds directly.

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I bought all the snake girls because I like Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou. I don't have a favourite among them yet.

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For me it has to be Kahime, with the blessed theme, giving her camouflage (2) and poison 2/2 is beastly. 

Move some ki around? Boom, instant reload. Armor? Sharp. 

Plus she has the added benefit of actually being able to survive melee, thanks to martial prowess and armour. 

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Purely based on the sculpts, Kenzo and Mizuki are the reason I play Ito.