Scenario scoring and victory conditions

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I am new to Bushido, could you please help me to clarify some rules.

1. Does killing all opponent`s models bring victory? Or only VPs count? In examples:

a. Player A has 2 VPs and all his models are killed by the turn 5 — does player B win?

b. Player A has accumulated enough scenario points to score VP on turn 4 while Player B (having 1 VP) is unable to prevent it, but able to kill his last models. If he does that — will it be his victory or draw?


2. What happens when both players have equal number of scenario points when scoring VP? Nobody gets VP?

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  1. Only VPs count. If a player has no models left on the board, their opponent continues until they have no activation counters, then resolve the End Phase, including SPs & VPs, then end the game.
  2. Yes, nobody.
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Thank you!

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