New to Bushido with Temple and already frustrated

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New to Bushido with Temple and already frustrated

Hello there.

Can somebody give me a hint in how to do basically anything in this game? Right now I'm very close to quitting.

Ok, stop the whining, what's the problem? The last 4 games in a row I was utterly destroyed. Wiped out. Not even managed to deal more then 4 points of damage in total while I lost all my models.

We currently play 35 rice and most of the time without a scenario (although when we did it changed nothing because in round 3 I was already completly dead). I played against Ryu and Kage who did that to me. The tables are covered plenty with terrain that gives cover. I have the starter army plus a small collection of monks & peasants at my disposal.

What I found out about Temple so far:

- We have very cool and (compared to others) high melee which can be boosted very cheap.

- Honor your peasants! Faith is a very useful skill!

- I like turtles. Especially when there is a guy on top which causes enemies to become exausted.

- Kenko rocks!


- Enemy shots me down before I reach him.

- Even though I crash into them with Kenko and boost him to what feels like eternity all I can squeeze out ist at best called lousy damage. The next sentence may seem strange, but I have years of experience with that, so trust me. I'm real lousy when it comes to throw dice. Yes, I know, everyone thinks of himself that way, but in my case even my friends had to agree on that. For what ever reason this might be, I learned to live with that (the hard way) and so I need to find a way around this.

- Ganging up on the enemy helps with the dice problem, but whatever I try I end up being outnumbered. Against Kage the problem lies with camouflage, the Prefecture seems to never run out of pass tokens. So someone has to go forth and lure the enemy out but when I do this it's kind of triggering a wave I can't stop.

- Cover seems nice against ranged attacks, but that also means no wall of water since after only 2 or 3 inches it hits terrain and stops there.

I'm open to suggestions. Maybe I look at the problem from the wrong side and only need a small notch in the right direction. As for the options to choose from, I own the starter pack, the generic card pack, Kira, Kaito, Ashinaga Tenaga, Seiji, Kintaru, Hotaru and Riku.

I read the forum and was wondering if I could do something with the cheap movement boosts or the special attacks/defences which deal no damage?

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The first thing to say:  Play a scenario.

Bushido isn't about killing the enemy, it requires the scenarios, scoring VPs to allow other styles of play to shine.  I suggest starting with any of the three idols scenarios and working from there.

This will help your ranged issue as the enemy MUST come forward to also contest the scenario.  Temple are usually ok vs ranged models as many have Ranged Defence but if they have no incentive to move into the board, they will easily pour multiple shots before you can melee them.  The idols are also more cover for you.

Monks are not the best combat models, but once in combat they hold their own well enough.  Kenko for example, can keep fighting over and over until he rolls well or you boost his melee and get a decent success level.  Then buy the +3 Strength and you can cause real damage.  

Attacks and Defences, especially Slam Attack are essential.  If you can slam one enemy model into another, you gain activation advantage as both enemy models must stand up.  If yu are fighting over an objective and you slam a model away, your next activation can be to use a scenario action on the objective.  Also for zone scenarios, slamming and throwing models out of the zone is key.  It doesn't matter if you get wiped out if you score the VPs!

For the actual melee, Monks are not a top combat faction like the Samurai clans (Lack of swords maybe...?) but they do have tricks nobody else does.  Faith as you say is amazing, boosting melee for 1Ki is as good as it gets but you still need to do the prep work.  Before going in for a finnishing blow with Kenko, Po or whoever, you should reduce the target model's dice.  Get them outnumbered, get them exhausted, get them prone or stunned or whatever you can do with models you bought.
Give plenty of negative modifiersso the fight is never even.  On an even fight you will likely do at best 0-2 damage.  If you want to get the 4-5 damage results you need to commit resources, feats other models etc...

The main thing again:  Always play scenarios.

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Thank you. You already gave me something to think about.

As for the lack of scenarios: we are all beginners (well, with Bushido that is) and I must say that I find some of the scenarios in the book a little bit confusing.

The rlues layout in general reminds me of my Infinity starting days. ;) We had some struggle with first strike for example because the player used it all the time which is clearly wrong, especially so if the character is surprised.

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also watch some of the videos on you tube there isnt many but they do all the basics pretty well to so you kow you are on the right track

this one is an intro scenario but walks you through everything pretty well

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Make sure you have the latest errata, or the consolidated rulebook.
Jason covers everything I'd say except I wouldn't recommend Ekusa in 35 rice, tbh, as he's a large share of the allowance. He's great otherwise.

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Ok. Thanks.

I started reading the rulebook again and found some quirks, so I guess I have some (silly?) rules questions to ask.

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Firstly I would like to say don't give up. Bushido is a great game once you get the hang of it. I would hate to think you gave up and went off to play something crappy like 40k.
As previously stated scenarios change everything. The shooting power of the Ryu and Minuro in particular is terrifying until your opponent realises just how bad Minuro is once a brawl breaks out and he has to get in close. If he leaves Minuro at the back you should be able to out number him on the front line unless you have spent too much on support models yourself. My regular Ryu opponent rarely takes Minuro at all these days as most of the players in our group have worked out how to dodge his bullets with either cover or models that mess with his shooting (Riku and Haru are good at it) try to use models with ranged defence to screen those that do not (Yumi is awesome for this).
Ninjas also become less of a problem when they are compelled to move towards an objective. Their camouflage is of little value when they have to sit an inch away from you in order to score an objective. They also suffer from being rather expensive and don't have cheap models like rice farmers to score with. This means that in order to win they will often have to score with their more expensive models which combined with their low numbers gives you activation control. Also as a group of new players are you aware of the latest rules errata? Ninjas got a big hit with the nerf bat with the new shooting rules.
The Temple will usually lose a straight up fight against the Ryu but they are not without some serious combat power. I try to use my superior movement to isolate enemy models, exhaust them and then give them a good smack with Master Po. He is one of the best finishers in the game bar none. Unblockable strike is unbelievably powerful as it denies your opponent a chance to even defend himself. Ume can do the same thing but not as well.
Have you got the special card packs? If not I suggest you get them. If you like Kenko you will love his alternate version. On the subject of Kenko I like to put him where the fighting will be thickest and use slam attacks to knock down multiple opponents. Ume and Haru both work well close to him as they can borrow his special attacks and cause real headaches for your opponent.

My last point is don't be too worried about losing models if you are winning the game. I have won many games simply by focusing on the objectives and not being too bothered if my opponent is focused on killing me. I have sometimes won the game without any models left. Temple are very good at scoring early and then denying the opportunity for an opponent to do the same.

Hope that this helps.

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With cardpacks there was the problem of availability. Hope to get them soon. So far I have the generic card pack. And I already love the coin that allows you to reroll 1s.

Kira should also be nice against ranged attacks, no? Activate stone stance and with the rules to allow her to be chosen as an alternative target if the Shot crosses her ZoC that would result in an nearly 3" Wall or not? Doing so should raw not break stone stance?

Heard of that mighty Master Po several times now. Guess I know which model to buy next. ;)

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I found the same Issue with my friend, Ito vs Yurei starters.

In a simple battle,Yurei wins due to the Ikiryo bad look combined to the friction of killing zombies that never dies. Add a control puppet and that is. Only Itsunagi can really be dangerous for them, once they killed him there are very little hopes for Ito.

Once we start with Scenarios, I win most "objective based" battles at turn 4, scoring first point thanks to speed and the second by stopping my enemy to advance. No one of this games see Itsunagi survive the battle, and often I lose 1/2 of my fighters while he have all starting guys on the table.


I like very much Temple, they are not hard-hitters but they have speed, tricks and brawling techniques to really control the battlefield. Luckily (for your opponent), they don't have blades ^^