Building Tokens for Terrain cards

Hello there.

I'm playing Temple and Yurei and also some of the Ronin and I wanted to build fitting Tokens to the Terrain Upgrade cards. Some I found, some I simply can't identify. Anyone ever done this and has some tips or pictures?


Gorinto - No prob to find what thats looking. But I have to ask: there is no base size noted. Since it is small I guess 30mm?

Roadside Idol: Yeah hat's an easy one. I have some small statues fitting that bill.


Refuse Pile - From it's name and purpose of spawning rats... garbage Pile maybe?

Haunted Well - Jepp, I have no problem imagining that

Desecrated Grave: see haunted well...

Cursed Honden: Yeah... a Honden seams to be a building... way to big for 30mm base...


Rice Ball Barricades - really... no clue

Spirit Catcher Wind Chime - I get the words, maybe an idea... it's just not filling a 50mm Base, so maybe my idea is wrong?

It's Rice Bale, not ball
A bunch of them stacked on top of each other.

By Mcgreag
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Hey, I've discontinued the Rice Bail Barricade and reduced the resin version:

By Ret-Fleafa --

Thank you for your help. I now have some of the stuff, others I still have to get.

By Andarion