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So, as someone who played since new dawn and was switching to Risen Sun with already some miniatures in the collection I bought replacement decks for all my Factions (Temple, Yurei, Tengu) and Ronin. Now, as for Tengu and Yurei, I also bought/will buy the new 2019 starter boxes, so I have this covered. But Temple, I already owned 3 of the 5 miniatures included there.

When I now change to the individual card section in the shop, there is already a nice bundle for the Temple starter. But I'm confused by entries like this one:

Cult of Yurei Special Cards 2020 (GCTBRS003 - 3 cards)

What are those? Also, If I buy the replacement decks plus the non-profile cards from the 2019s starter boxes, do I have everything then? Or am I still missing cards compared to the faction special decks?

I don't really bother for the cycle decks though. As I understand those they have a somewhat limited lifespan and I am not playing tournaments.

Those cards are the additions to the New Dawn set of special cards for the faction, available in the new faction special decks. So you would need to purchase those separately, through that shop entry.

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