List for the "Island Of The West Campaign"


Hello guys!

I would like to share my list and I'm looking for advice in building my warband for the second Campaign of the Island Of The West. After a good 3rd place with my Ito Clan, this time I would like to try my new shining (?) Bakemono swarm!

The Campaign is based in 4 games, base list 35rp and then progression to 42 and 50.

1st game - 35 rp - ichi no ritten

2nd game  - 35 rp - depletion

3rd game - 42 rp -the envoy

4th game - 50 rp - seigyo

The list at 35 rp that I'm playtesting atm is:

Theme: Thousand Eyes
Rinsho (8)
Uk-Hank (6)
Zung Fu (6)
Okina&Oto (5)
Tra-Peng (5)
Tribal Brute (5)
With 8 Ki from the turn one and the free darkness my main plan is to run into a good defensive position with my warband and spawn a bakemono rider in turn 1.
Starting from the turn 2 Okina&Oto will focus granting me the possibility to summon another bakemono rider in the end of turn 2 and cast Shadow Tendrils of Zung Fu to keep at distance the stronger enemy for a while.
The list is quite good but I'm thinking about replacing Rinsho with the Giant Cave Bat Rider or Xi Han. I need a good model to take down an enemy but in playtest the aggressive trait of Rinsho make him really easy to kill for a wise player. The spot for the 8 rp models is uncertain and I would like to ear your thoughts.
I've also tryed the Bakemono Boomers and they are quite impressive with 6 ki in one shoot. Ranged Skill of 4 and +4 on damage can easy bring 4 to 6 wounds to a model, but I don't know if they can fit in the 35 rp list, and what I can replace to fit them.
Another question for the SW players is: you spawn ALWAYS a bakemono? Sometime I've tryed just to spend the Ki to power up my models or don't let them die, epsecially Uk-kang and the Brute. 
How you manage your Ki?
Hope to give some glory to these stinky Bakmeonos. :D