Missing part - no answer

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Missing part - no answer

Hello everyone,


A month ago, I openned an Okyo Archer blister and the archer head was missing.


I then contacted the retailer who sold me the blister (wayland game) who contacted CGT studio, but no head received


Wayland contacted CGT a few time since, but I'm still missing my archer head


I then tried to contact CGT myself on monday but I haven't received an answer yet


Can someone help me ?

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jusr be patient, they were at a convention, same thing happenened when I ordered some Ito for a friend (twice the same arm for akimoto and no ponytail for chiyo) and they sent me the missing pieces after a while with an appology.

Just let them come back from their Adepticon, they must have a couple of order to prepare, and the next wave to set :)

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I echo the words of darkframboiser. I had some cards missing and they sent out replacements. took about 3 weeks but I didn't get an answer I just had them in the post.

Being such a small company it will take them longer than others to rectify problems and imho I am willing to wait now knowing the history of the company to be fair

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