Ashborns newbee LOg(Questions and posting my experiences)

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Ashborns newbee LOg(Questions and posting my experiences)


i ordered the Starters for Yurai and ITO and iam very excited to get them in my hands. I already have some plans on how to expand my Yurai but iam very uncertain of how to go about the Ito. I have two ideas floating around:

1.Go for a Mizuki cntroll Warband with all the three Shisai Mizuki herself and maybe some Bushi or Kenzo:

Ayako Ito  ---10

Kazuhiko ---4

Mizuki Ito ---12

Sakura    ---7

Kenzo Ito/2x Bushi ---10

2.Go for Samurais:

Starter + Masunagi and an additional Bushi


I think The first List has the cooler looking Modells but the second one is far easier to play so is the first list even able to deny enough by giving controll markers out and draining Ki from people to effectivly stop my opponents? Is the Sakura really chaneling into Mizuki to enable her to get up to two Controllmarkers a turn out or did i got this wrong?

THanks for the help in advance!

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The three Shisai sisters do very well when they're all present, but that's 24 points which is going to be (close to) half your warband. Force of Will 2 will let them force through their feats most activations, and Sakura can Focus/Channel to give the group more Ki.

Mizuki is also great, but I haven't used her together with the sisters because of the points cost, a single Shisai (Sakura or Satsuki in this case) behind her will allow her to cast twice a turn, with some Focus actions anyway.

I would strongly recommend Kenzo. That guy is a beast, especially if you keep him fed with Ki from the Shisai. He's very reliable and strong, but you will need more melee models since the casters can't do much more than defend themselves or finish off weakened enemies.


Also definitely look at the Shimigoma Vipers. Cheap and fast, they're incredibly useful.

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So you say:
1. I take one Shisai (Sakura) and Mizuki because with all Shisai and Mizuki iam putting to many points into one basket and end up without any mayor capabillity to utilize the advantages Mizuki creates (like filling spaces she opened up with nodells my own modells or capitalizing on modells beeing exausted or stunned)

2.If i go with the Shisai (taking all) i should have modells to screen them and one beatstick that gets pumped with Ki from the Shisai and that utilizes the effects the Shisai apply on my opponents modells.

3.Kenzo is you're suggestion for a beatstick which can use the Ki from the Shisai or can pray upon targets which are exhausted and such.

4.Vipers are there to hinder my opponent? They prevebt him from doing Scenarios and for there points they are good!

After all the very good advice i came up with this:
Mizuki Ito
Keno Ito
Temple Bushi
Temple Bushi
---7 modells---50 Points
The list has a lot more stuff to put on objectives and in front of Mizuki. With Keno, Chiyo and the two Bushi i think that the List can hold its ground in melee while still beeing more avout putting my opponent where i want him and how i want him to be where he now is(exausted and in charge range!).
What do you think will the list do what i think it does? With 5 Blood of Orochi Tokens a turn i could even make Chyo get some of them. Is Blood of Orochi as strong as it looks?