Some questions about this game

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Some questions about this game


I'm really thinking about getting into this game (nippon + skirmish + low model count + 2'x2', what's not to love right?). But i have a few questions:


1) what is the luck factor in this game?

2) will there ever be a reprint of the rulebook with thouched up rules and implemented errata/when was the last time a book was released?

3) is 1 set of faction dice enough to play?

4) card packs: 1 generic upgrade + 1 special attack/defence + faction upgrade 1 + faction upgrade 2. are these all card sets?, do you need both faction decks or is the 2nd an enhanced version of the first?

5) are there any plans for releasing faction decks of character cards with errata implemented?

6) I'm thinking of starting with ryu ashigaru lists. What army would make a nice complement to that so I can get my friends to play?




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1.) It's there but you can certainly mitigate it through how you allocate your dice.

2.) Probably, I have no idea what the stock levels of the current rulebook are.  There was an update about 18 months ago I think that included some of the early errata.

3.) Yes - at least for 1 player.  In THEORY a Temple of Ro-Kan monk could roll 16 dice total, but that's just going off the deep end of crazy if they were to actually do that.

4.) Those are all the card sets.  You can get by without the decks, but they really enhance the factions.  If you and your friends are just starting, I would stay away from them until you can comfortably play without having to consult the rulebook every 20 seconds.

5.) No idea.  The cards do get errata applied to them after each print run - like Ayako has 12" range on Hypnotic Gaze now, not LoS range.

6.) Tengu, Temple, Silvermoon, Jung.  Those starters do pretty decently against the Prefecture starter (which is probably the best starter) and don't make people want to cry when playing against them (Cult - the Cult starter is weird, slow, and not a lot of fun to play.  The faction is great though once you get more stuff that isn't kairai).