Kioshi Madoko/Makoto

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Kioshi Madoko/Makoto

What the people think about this model? His "prediction" Ki Feat is nice and can be very useful, but with the lots of Tactician trait possibilities in the Prefecture and at 7 rice cost... I don't know how good he can be.

Also, I noticed he is a Teishin, so Golden Sentinel can be used as a bodyguard with him also. That's nice.

Somebody have tried him in any list? Thoughts?

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Tactician is really great. My pref was really Hanso dependant.

The best thing about him is definitly Prediction.
I always play ashigaru's (like everybody) and matsu. An application could be : tire two ennemy models A & B with two ashigarus, then use Prediction. If the opponent choose to activate A, try to prone B, and if B try to prone A. After that, you can attack once again the newly prone model. He becomes exhausted & prone, free attack on him for the reste of the turn ! Badass on a big model !

He's clearly the best support for the pref. Daisuke was good, but shuichi is useless imho.

Nice release !