Bushido at the bunker

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Bushido at the bunker

My first tournament Battle at the bunker 22nd September at the battle bunker in Sunderland 

Facebooklink to the event https://www.facebook.com/events/395893411038272/

Joined: 05/12/2011

So report form the weekend this was my first time running a Bushido event and i was very pleased with how it went.

we had 8 players including myself as the bye round with a good spread of factions 

Ito clan

Prefecture of Ryu 

Cult of Yurei

Minimoto clan

Jung pirates 

Temple of rokan 

Shadowwind clan 


So the first round was the idols the round pairings were 

Cult v's Temple with the cult winning 2-0 

Jung v's Ito with the pirates winning 2-0

Minimoto v's KKZ with the ninjas winning 1-0 

Ryu took the bye this round 

round two was Seikyu 

Jung v's Cult with the pirates winning 2-0 

KKZ V's Ryu with the Ryu winning 2-0 

Temple v's Minimoto with the bears winning 1-0 

Ito took  the bye this round 

Round three was Botoku

Jung v's Ryu with pirates winning 3-0 

Cult v's Minimoto cult winning 3-0 

Ito v's KKZ with the ninjas winning 3-0 

with temple getting the bye in the last round 

The overall winner was Andy Palmer with his Jung pirates, congratulations. This was a great day I hope that everyoneinvoldd enjoyed their day.


the finalstandings were 

Jung 25 points 

Cult 19 points 

ninjas 16points 

Ryu 15 points 

Temple 11 points 

minimoto 9 points 

Ito 8points 

sorry there are no pictures couldn't get them to work because im old and technology ect but there are plenty on the face book page