Silly question regarding running

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Silly question regarding running

Does running require Los? I know charging does but I read an article somewhere that said you have to have los to run but can't find the rule that says you do or don't

Any help is appreciated and sorry if this has been answered before I searched and didn't see anything.

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Run: The model rotates its Facing to a point within its LoS. The model may then make a movement up to its Move Statistic x1.5 in a straight line, directly towards that point. A model may not Run into an Enemy model’s ZoC, into BtB with an Enemy model, or change its Facing after the movement.
So you need LOS to the point you want to run to, but can turn to face that point (So you can run to a point behind the model).  

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You normally cannot run to somewhere behind your model because you pick the point within line of sight but you can run to the sides?