Katsumoto Takashi and Ryoko-Sha

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Katsumoto Takashi and Ryoko-Sha

Just wondering if any one has tried taking these two together? Seems like with a little skill their feats and abilitys could give you a massive advantage in the number of activations you could take. Or is the 22 rice a too big investment not leaving enough for fighters?

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I think in that combo a lot, but still don't played on table.

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I initially wrote Katsumoto off (not a fan of the model myself - I know other people have different opinions - and I will tend to aesthetics to rules in most instances outside of competition play) but now getting to see his rules he does give some interesting possibilities if not in the high end of melee capabilities as far as samurai are concerned (even critical strike(1) on models with only MaS3 and difficult to boost is gonna be a hard choice when to use - rarely in my experience).  Whether I would want to spend 22 rice on 2 models that can pull off such a trick is a choice I would have to consider, a big investment on something that might have varying dividends.

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