Rinsho with Endless Numbers and Crimson Sky Mushroom

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I guess most have found this a very nice combination. I just have a few questions. I know at least one has been already clarified on FB. A friend told me as I do not consider FB as a official source of rule clarification and barely use it nowadays :-)

- If I give Rinsho Endless Numbers and recruit one, why is it not possible to summon the second? Endless Numbers clearly states: 'Attached card gains the “Hord” Type' not 'the attached model gains'. I understood that I can summon the second but in case that both are dead at the same time, I will lose Endless Numbers. As I understood the clarification, I cannot summon the second and if the one recruited dies, he will not lose Endless Numbers so I can summon only him again. Is this correct?

- Since Rinsho gets “Hord” Type, he can also have the Crimson Sky Mushroom. If he dies and I summon the new one, he should have the Crimson Sky Mushroom again following the logic from above. Please let me know if it is different and what the reason behind the difference is.

- If Rinsho has Endless Numbers and the Crimson Sky Mushroom, how is the timing of the damage from the mushroom in the End Phase resolved? Does it happen before Regeneration or after? The Rules are rather vague. It only states: 'Always resolve adverse effects first.' I see the damage as beneficial for Rinsho so I have regeneration first and the damage after. If it is meant in a different way, please let me know. In this case I would argue that if Rinsho has Hyper Regeneration on him, he would lose it before he heals from it as this would be the adverse effect in this case and healing the beneficial.

Thank you for the clarification.

While not spelled out exactly the point of the card seems to be that if you want to be able to summon more of them you have pay for that. Otherwise cost per wound track used wouldn't make sense (it should probably be cost per wound track not used otherwise). But yes I do agree that the wording is not very good and could be interpted in several different ways.

As for enchancements I got a respons from one of the devs (Andy Palmer) on discord for that exact question 2 weeks ago: "Andy Palmer: And yes, returning models will come back with any Enhancements you recruited them with, unless they have been removed by other effects."

So if you for example have Deep Mushrooms and have already used and discarded that card you won't get it back if you resummon the model but anything still attatched to it like Crimson Sky Mushrooms will remain.

IMHO damage should always be counted as adverse. The model having some skill that gives it a "bonus" when damaged is a seperate thing and doesn't change the fact that taking damage is an adverse effect. Depending on the board state that "bonus" might even be a penalty because it gives Aggressive. Rules can't depend on things like that, they have to be clear cut even if it means that the combined effect is sometime positive and sometimes negative.

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If I buy a "Endless Numbers" card for two wound tracks (paying 6 points), but at the beginning of the game I buy only one Rinsho (16 points), can I summon the second with the "summon from the shadow" fit? Or should I take both of them into the gang at the beginning of the game in order to summon them later? Sorry for my english.
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