vs Yuri and desecrated grave

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vs Yuri and desecrated grave

Complete nightmare (no pun intended)

Objective Missions - they win turn 2 as they deploy karai half way up the table next to one/two objectives depending on scenario. Then they win turn 6 as I have nothing left by that time

VIM missions - they are at an advantage as they get more powerful as they go on so at a massive advantage.

Ive managed to get Hiro into melee with on seperate occasions  with both Ikiryo and Kato and both beat him.

with low points (35) I dont think Ryu can win against Yuri unless someone knows better....


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Not really sure about 35 rice as we only really do 50 rice up here, but you should be leaveraging your special attacks against kairai.  They're all Slow so just push them away as much as possible.  You may find that using models you wouldn't usually use (Mikio for example) may give you more options in dealing with them (i.e. throw them).