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cdhay (not verified)

Trials of the Michi is back. Hold onto your Eye Patches..... It's Jung Pirates Time #Exclusive

Episode 13, unlucky for some

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Bit surprised that Koji is the alternative profile, I was expecting Kintaru or the Fishermen.

Alternative profiles for the Jung, so people know what else to buy:

  • Koji (Temple)
  • Water Kami (Temple)
  • Ashinaga-Tenaga (Temple)
  • Saki (STS)


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3 action Koji was unexpected. Interesting.

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cdhay (not verified)
So like buses this weekend. Next Trials of the Michi video is up. Enjoy!


cdhay (not verified)

Episode 15 is here with a battle report using the Jung Pirate starter set


Please update the first post with Ep13, 14 and 15 thanks! 

monders (not verified)

@D_Arquebus - your feedback is excellent, thank you. I apologise if if it's frustrating watching me flounder around with them! Clearly I'm still struggling to 'get' the Syndicate, so next game I'm hoping to have my Tengu ready (depending on when my replacement mini arrives for GCT!)

Thanks everyone for watching. Chris and I have great fun making these videos, and it's nice to know they're being viewed!




cdhay (not verified)

Ujimushi and the Jolly Octopussy - Next Trials of the Michi is live

Please update the first post. On Episode 16 now

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Love the videos Chris keep it up

cdhay (not verified)

Thanks! Content will be starting again soon. Had a little hiatus recently as had to move house so currently no broadband which makes uploading videos impossible!

Ed Markle (not verified)

Happy New Year everyone.

Great resourse these videos.

Thank You for making them.

Just got my rules Friday before New Years.

My minis are due on Wednesday the 4th.

I can hardly wait.