Wintercon Australia - after action report

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Wintercon Australia - after action report

Last weekend saw the first organised Bushido tournament in our area (Canberra, Australia). We had 6 players turn out for three rounds of 42 rice mayhem – 2 Prefecture, and 1 each of Silvermoon, Ito, Cult and Temple.

I took my Temple for a spin with a general purpose list, and a soulless list (a result of some nasty experiences with the Cult previously! ).

General list:
Air Kami
Kenko + Elixir of Vigor
Rice Farmer
Suchiro + Prayer Beads
Yumi + Vial of Raijin’s Breath

Soulless list:
Air Kami
Fire Kami
Grey Pilgrim
Rice Farmer
Suchiro + Prayer Beads


Round 1: Botuku vs. Dan's Cult of Yurei

Dan bought a surprisingly small, but potent list to our grudge match:

Ikiryo + Akari's (?) Fan
Wanyudo + Raijin's Breath
and there must have been another card or two in there.

I went with my soulless list.

This was a fun game with plenty of mistakes on both sides! My best effort was essentially condemning my Shisa to death by over zealously attacking the Penanggalan when I had a fire marker on both Shisa. The resulting return damage from the Penanggalan took the Shisa down to 2 health and the fire finished them of at the end of the turn – d’oh!

Meanwhile the accursed Wanyudo flew over the main engagement line in the center of the board, firebombed everyone, and headed for my idol. Sadly my Rice Farmer wasn’t up to engaging the scary flaming wheel of death, and the Air Kami's ever reliable "teleport you" gun didn't work on it either so it scored what turned out to be the winning SP.

On the up side, Ikiryo didn’t get a shot off thanks to the noble stalling effort of the Fire Kami, followed up by the Grey Pilgrim.

Unfortunately we were a bit slow and ran out of time on this one. We only made it to the end of turn 3 and scoring doesn’t start until the end of turn 4! So we were 0-0 VPs and Dan won it 9-6 on SPs.

Things I learnt: play faster – at the end of turn 3 the Wraith was dead and the Penangglan and Ikiryo were half dead! The Fire Kami is really useful for engaging nasty ranged models. The Grey Pilgrim and Shisa are pretty cool and I definitely want to use them more. Don't kill your own models!!

Result: 0-0 Loss


Round 2: Reikan vs. Dave’s Ito

Dave was packing a mean snakey list that’s fast, resilient and had poison coming out its ears!

Kaihime Ito
Kenzo Ito
Shimogamo Viper
Yuui Ito

I took my general purpose list with Yumi as my VIM. Kaihime was Ito’s VIM.

This game was shaping up ok, right up until it collapsed in a horrible quivering, poisoned mess!

The game board had an elevated section running down one side with limited access points, difficult terrain and a whopping great temple at the other end. I deployed Yumi and the Air Kami up there with a plan to run her straight down that flank and into the temple to score VP for being close to the enemy deployment zone, while the rest of my force engaged the snakes down below.

Dave cottoned on to what I was up to and started to move Yuui and Kenzo up the winding mountain path to intercept me. Turns out snake people move 5 and have light footed so they were moving in faster than I had anticipated.

Meanwhile down below, Kenko started to bash up Akimoto and Suchiro was trying to avoid Naoko’s attention while closing on Kaihime.

Yumi used the positioning of the Air Kami and vial of Raijin’s Breath to skip through into the temple before Kenzo could get in the way, and attacked Yuui dealing a minor amount of damage and side stepping away from the combat and into scoring range. Looking ok to score a VP and then see if I could get Yumi out of there and/or knock off Kaihime.

Cue the collapse.

Kaihime manages to get LoS to the Air Kami, hits it with a big roll, dealing 1 damage (durable). This allows Yuui to melee it and kill it off, giving Kenzo a path (just!) to engage Yumi. I should be ok, she activates Flow Like Water and goes full defence. Kenko attacks with an 8, Yumi rolls a 4. That’s ok I’ve got Dodge(1) – reroll that 6 please! Dave happily rolls another 6... *gulp*. Yumi takes 4 damage and cops Poison 2.

Down below Kenko finishes off Akimoto while Naoko kills the Rice Farmer. Suchiro closes in on Kaihime.

End phase! Due to resolution timing, Yumi takes the poison damage and dies before calculating VP gains! Gaaaah!! 0 VP for me and 1 for Dave.

Now I need to kill Kaihime to keep it respectable.

Suchiro moves forward again to melee Kaihime next action. Naoko moves to engage Kenko and stop him coming to support Suchiro. Yuui and Kenzo start back down from the temple to support Kaihime. Kaihime shoots Suchiro for good damage and poison 2/2.

Suchiro activates Stuborness of Steel and engages Kaihime doing minor damage. The Shimogamo Viper then charges half way across the board into Suchiro’s back, dealing minor damage, but enough to bring him into range for the poison to kill him.

Kenko and Naoko flail at each other for little effect.

End phase! Poison kills Suchiro. Just need a 3+ on the rise test and we’re back in the fight! ...1 *sigh*

We called it here as we were close to time.

Things I learnt: the dice will kick you in the nuts if they feel like it, don’t rely on them! Poison sucks big time, as does Naoko. Bring condition removal against Ito! Ito strong!

Result: 0-3 Loss


Round 3: Seigyo vs. Les’ Prefecture

Les’ list was a reasonably standard Prefecture list – plenty of bodies and armour all around. Plus a dragon.

Ryu Yarimen x2

I took my general list.

Another game where the dice made their presence felt. This time mine were insane and Les’ were craptacular.

Everyone starts legging it for the objectives on the centreline. The big gun takes a shot my Rice Farmer bait and somehow only does 1 damage!

Yumi gets buffed up by the Air Kami and Aiko, drinks her flying potion and zips straight over a farmhouse and into contact with an idol. Her second activation turns it for the Temple.

I’m in the box seat now as Suchiro and Kenzo close in on the other two idols while Yumi readies herself for the dragon.

Over the course of the next 4 turns a fierce combat erupts around the idols, leaving only Daisuke standing for the Prefecture and all but Aiko for the Temple. Yumi single handedly beats the tar out of the scary dragon!

Things I learnt: Ryu’s armour and first strikes are annoying! Suchiro’s Resolve of Rock is awesome. Don’t be scared of dragons (when they roll like that anyway).

Result: 3-0 Win


Final standings:

1st           Ito Clan                              3W | 0L
2nd          Silvermoon Syndicate    2W | 1L
3rd           Cult of Yurei                      2W | 1L
4th           Prefecture of Ryu            1W | 2L
                Temple of Ro-Kan           1W | 2L
6th           Prefecture of Ryu             0W | 3L

A great day with most of us doubling the number of games we’ve played!

I’ll try to get pics of the models and tables as everyone was running fully painted forces, and a few of the players made amazing tables for the event. I think we picked up some new players during the course of the day just because it all looked so cool!

Hope you enjoyed :)


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The boards!

Serene temple by Luis


Abandonded fishing village by Dan


Mountain temple by Dave

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Beautiful!!  Works of art is what those are!!!  Is there any tutorials showing how they built them?  Especially something showing how they built the base and frame!

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I think there may be some WIPs on the Bushido Australia & NZ Facebook page:

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Really nice tables that look as though they'll fit most of the scenarios.

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I love the waterfall on the edge of the board. I've been wanting to create something like that for a long time! They look incredible! Thanks for the write-up!

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Bushido may not have been the largest tournament, and I didn't see what was on show for day two, but it was definately the prettiest of what I saw.
The guys who put those tables together did a fantastic job, and it was great to see everyone bring a fully painted force.
I'm really looking forward to a more regular Bushido scene in Canberra, and I think (judging by feedback from the sole Bushido stockist) our little tournament definately peeked the interest of those who saw it.

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This is an awesome development!  I really need to get some people into this here on okinawa!  Hopefully I can get some showcasing done soon!  Typhoon is cramping my style and not allowing me to show the game.  Hopefully I can get this done sooner than later.  But that little tourney is the perfect example of excellent execution!!!

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Nice write-up, lovely pictures, and that very bright green Ito force gives me life. Look at those wings on the Viper, that's just ridiculous.

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Rixus Mar
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That kind of quality board is just simply unatainable  for me. Like trying topainnt the Mona Lisa with bear-paws lol. If you weren't thousands of miles away i'd just buy one - they deserve top dollar but top  dollar PLUs top postage would mean putting my family on the  street starvinng and naked lol.

Good write  ups as well. Wish i was there. I also learned a bit about list building. I  know no one list beats all but, for  example, i  struggle to  get the  prefecture to work for me - something as simple as adding a healer would make my  life so much easier. And the Ito list is somethinng i'd like to  try as i  already have a fewofthe models anyway.

All in all it's been an experience and an education readinng this  thread.Thanks very much. (",)

[i]Saru mo ki kara ochiru[/i]
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Rixus Mar
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As for  your Bushido  group on fb, i was in one when i  first got  into it but the place was like a ghost town so i left. Now i  search for Bushido  groups and i  can't  find ANY when i  search - not  even the one you linked.

Anybody  help a brother out?

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If the link isn't working for you, searching for "Bushido Australia & NZ" in FB should get you there.

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Rixus Mar
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Yeah, it works when you  type exactly  what you're looking for, but just typing "Bushido" in gives tons of search results and, after searching through a mountainous  list, couldn't  find anything relating to the game other than GCT's  official  page/s.

I'm just happy to be in any  kind of Bushido group at all. I  was  going to  open a thread and see if there were any UK players or, failing that, any in Europe as  a whole - which there must be from the youtube videos i've seen.

So  long as you  don't mind players not from AU/NZ in your group i'm a happy  bunny. And if  by any chance, through your group, we find there's enough of  us we could  always  migrate to form a new group - but i don't  think that'll be the case as i'm a firm believer in  "more the merrier" lol

[i]Saru mo ki kara ochiru[/i]