Size Test with Tiny Weak models

Hi community! I have stumbled upon a weird conflict in the official rules: The wording for the traits are pretty unambiguous: Models with Tiny the trait have 1 die for their Size Test. Models with the Weak trait have -1 die to their Size Test pool. Perfectly clear and succinct. However, on page 33 of the rules in the Size Challenge Tests section it explicitly says "Modifiers are then applied to the result of the roll if applicable." and they list a bunch of traits with their modifiers. Reading this without the trait descriptions, one could think that Strong, Weak, and Swarm apply their modifier to the results. Are they referencing other Modifiers not those specific traits? Which one would it be for a Tiny and Weak model: 1. No dice to their Size Challenge Test 2. 1 die to their Size Challenge Test with a -1 modifier to their results 3. Some other die/modifier combination.

Weak says: "This model makes Size Tests at -1 Dice, if this reduces the dice pool to zero the test automatically fails."
So a Tiny and Weak model would automatically fail the size test.

By Mcgreag

Yes the traits themselves say that, but the question is why does the rulebook (page 33, online rules) say that its -1 to the resulting dice(die) roll?
By csitaras