List advice

So after taking all suggestions from people here is my list. If there is any suggestions please let me know as I'm gonna start buying models soon :) says 90 rice but one of the animated warrior is 10rc taking it to 100 rc My plan is to use witches as they are intended to and then models to support tie up enemies and gain ki ++ Risen Sun (Cult of Yurei) [90 Rice] ++ + Event Cards + Drain Spirit [1 Rice] Glimpse of Jigoku [1 Rice] + Terrain Cards + Desecrated Grave [4 Rice] Refuse Pile [1 Rice] + Profile Cards + Akuba [14 Rice] Animated Warriors Eiko [13 Rice] Ibara [12 Rice] Josei [16 Rice]: Sacrificial Knife Kairai Farmers [14 Rice]: Kairai Farmer A, Kairai Farmer B Shojo [14 Rice] + Theme Cards + We Three Meet Again + Communal + Yuta of Yurei ++ Total: [90 Rice] ++ Created with BattleScribe (