Damage Card question

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Damage Card question

Me and friend is planning on starting the game by picking up two starter sets. I have seen some youtube videos of people playing the game and using a card that has the damage table on it. So my question is, in what card pack on the store can I find this? Doesn't seem to come with the starters?

Cant see any mention of it in the store either.

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That card comes with any of the card pack you buy.  So whether it's a set of the Attack and Defence cards or just a faction specific deck they all contain those cards.

I would recommend getting any card sets that you can as they add a great deal to the game and I have never regretted the purchase of any of them.

I would start with the Attack and Defence cards.  One set for each player.  They add alot to the game right up front as well as introducing the concept of bluffing your opponent.  Great stuff.