2nd Card Pack - New Models

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2nd Card Pack - New Models

Hey All :)


New player taking up Silvermoon in Australia :)


Question to the masses/ retainers/ admins...


The 2nd card pack apparently has Ryu Deserters (errata says Ryu Yarimen), Wakasu Gorilla (Guardian), and Jade Roses (Tsubaki or Saki). I've only bought the first pack at this point.


The errata "suggests" certain models to be used for these. I love the Guardian so no issue there :) . But what are peoples thoughts/ rulings of using other models for the Deserters and Roses?

Specifically Im thinking the following painted up suitably to match my Silvermoon:

Deserters: Atsuki and/ or Hanso. Love these models and they look a little more veteran and hard bitten as a deserter may.

Roses: Sakura and/ or Matsu Takahashi and/ or Ayako-Ito? Like all these models and they are distinct to the existing roses to minimise chances of mistaking them in game. Ayako is maybe is too snakey?


Cheers :)

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Nothing wrong with substituting other Bushido models than those suggested. My Ito Samurai is a slightly converted Eiji/Genji Takashi from the Prefecture, instead of a duplicate Satoshi.
Not convinced by those for Roses though. Ayako is half snake, so you'd have to sculpt some cloth over her bottom half. Could work though. Sakura is all human, with a couple of snakes, so you could get away with it.

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I hear you re the snake.. though part of me thinks of the Silvermoon port city as a melting pot and the possibility to have all sorts working in the slums and drinking holes etc.  :)

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I would have zero problem playing against any of those choices. It's your game, make whatever background you want for your characters. As for the Rose with snakes, why not? Maybe she's in charge of setting up smaller animal fights in n the houses of ill repute. Or seduces/hypnotize with the the snakes. Or maybe she just plain likes snakes!

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I personnaly used models from reaper miniatures (geisha models) to do my jade roses, so I can field a full rose theme with everybody, but without any doubles or look alike.

The first geisha they have fits particularly well