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50rice Talk about

Ok guys.


Yesterda I had a game with Ruro He plays Ito. 50rice. and We had the scenario where You need to put markers on the relics (6 on the board in a circle) and gain VP on the 2nd 4th and 6th turn. We ended up with a draw on the 4th. We both used upp all of our markers.

Now here is what i put to geather

Akio Takashi


Matsu Takashi



The grey Pilgrim

Battle Plans-arashi's fan-Healing balm

this was the frist time to try out the Grey pilgrim. I really loved her, but I was unlucky with a couple of dice :) I decided to keep her for good. I think she is a must with Biku. Now the problem was with Akio. He is good as a strong samurai but with this list I did not have a chance to use his special kenjustu sensei. So I found him too expasnive for a "tank". And also 3 card are waaay to much waste of rice!!!! So here is another list based on the first one.

Hagane Takashi (only 10rice and really can hit hard!!! only 2ki for an extra die, just love her)

Biku (must have in Your army!!! goes forward and kill big big monsters with shuriken)

Matsu Takashi (I found her more effective than Minuro. More shots in a game)

Jin( bodyguard for Matsu. Also can make some scenario points if needed)

The grey Pilgrim (She is just great with all that stunned marker. You need to use her guardedly)

Battle plans( now this is a must have Card. 2pass tokens for all of the game ,if the guy doesnt gett killed who holds it)

Now this is the part where we reach 41rice and need to choose between 2 ways...


Daisuke (if You play against like Ito or some other nasty poison or fire or whatever token shooter fraction what can hurt your guys.he comes really handy)

Ryu Yarimen (just to have more guys on the field. He is just a regular guy... Do not forget Armour(2) First strike)

So this list is to have 7 guys on the run. You can maneuver easily and can capture scenario points better.


Hanso (Strong ashigaru. Almost like a samurai. He can command ashigarus)

This 2nd way is to have another strong hitting "tank" guy in the group. its only 6 figures but for 50rice it is still acceptable.


So  what You think of this?