Good times

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Good times

A few months ago I, and several friends, gave up on Malifaux that we had been playing for years for many reasons too long to list here. Since then we've been searching for a new game...we've tried several skirmish games, wasted a bunch of money....but everything we tried seemed more like a 'beer and pretzel' game...especially when compared to Malifaux.

I've had the Prefecture and Temple starters laying around collecting dust since the game first came out and I talked to my friends about it.

One of them and I tried it last night finally. So good. We had a great time. Rules were tight and easy to follow/figure out. The game felt very cinematic. It definitely was more than any 'beer and pretzel' game. We're going to be playing a lot more of this.

Now if it was only easier to get it in the states.

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glad you enjoyed it mate! the more exposure this excellent game gets the better.


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It´s really good. Captures the cinematic feel as you say and quite tricky too. 

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This is truly my favourite game ever. Even after blood bowl. 

Welcome to a great game and I hope you find some more models soon in your quest for a distributor in the US

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