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Where To Go Next

Hi guys,


I'm a total noob with Bushido although I'm a pretty experienced war gamer (through games such as Infinity, Dreadball, Malifaux, Dropzone Commander etc).


I recently picked up the Cult of Yuri and Ito Clan starters at the UK Games Expo and I'm wondering if you guys have any advice on how to run them and what to pick up next?


Thanks in advance,



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I would recommend Taka & Nezumi for Cult, and Kenzo & Naoko for Ito. You cant go wrong with those models.

But pick whatever you want, almost all models are amazing except rare exceptions.

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I would also add Kahime to the list for Ito, her ranged is pretty great, and Masunagi if you're tired of Itsunagi

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Also Nezumi for Cult. Awesome bag of tricks that one.

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I agree with what's been said before and would also recommend Gengo, Tadao and Penanngalan for Cult.

Gengo gives you a cheap model to get the most out of your Kairai.

If you could only take one Kairai, Tadao is your go to model with amazing staying power.

Penanngalan is quickly becoming a staple in Cult lists as a control piece.