Ghost - apparition

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Ghost - apparition


Can Ghost use his ki feat Apparition when he is in BtB with an enemy model ?


I have seen in the latest errata that some Tengus cannot do that now but nothing for Ghost.


In the same way, can I use with the Jung pirate, blow the man down or kamikaze on model in BtB with enemy model because again, nothing is said about that in the latest errata.


Thank you

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Concerning Ghost: The ki feat allows you to use it in BtB with an enemy model, so yes, you can use "Aparition" to "disengage" if you want. Cheers



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Well I would say not entirely:

If you follow the new placement rule, ghost can use apparition in BtB ONLY if he chose the Intangible trait during the starting phase, because Intangible allows you to ignore being in BtB for any of your actions.

But you can chose Dodge(1) instead, and if you did, i'm afraid you can't use apparition in BtB...

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Apparition is not an Action. It is an Active Ki Feat. As there is no 'not-in BtB' icon next to it, he can use it even if not Intangible.

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Atrus is correct.

The Errata does what it says and no more.  The changes to Tengu are a Tengu change, not a change to the placement rules.

Bikou (KKZ) and Yuuki both have the exact same ability as the Tengu and they were not changed.  As the "Movement Shenanigens" faction Tengu have a lot of small place effects and are likely to get more  (Likely?...   more like Guaranteed!  In fact theres a big one in Wave 35) and the volume of these effects ment the faction was performing a bit too well against the more melee oriented factions.
The placement changes to Tengu do not carry over to other factions or the Errata would have included those models.

Apparition, blow the Man Down, Kamikaze are all fine in BtB.

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Master Enos, your (sort of) spoilers are torturing me day and night.

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Here's a thought as I've had it in my mind, People keep talking about hail of steel spam, but Ujiminshi would be better having apparition of ghost imo.

Let me explain. You let your opponent engage in melee. Go all defensive. Next activation apparition behind your enemy and shoot him in the back with a surprise shot. 3 dice plus one damage..........

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That's pretty much basic ninja shenaningans, it works fine :)