Asami ranged attack

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Asami ranged attack


Axiam pointed on another topic the ability of Asami to shove a model out of combat with a ranged attack.

I find the idea very cool on the paper but very hard to realise in reality.

For me, there is three cases.

In the first case, asami can shove the enemy model out of combat but the enemy model will benefite of a cover.

So we need to get 7 or more to the ranged attack result to pass at medium range without moving.


In the second case, asami can't shove the enemy model out of combat, because the enemy model will be pushed directly on the fiendly model.


In the third case, effectively Asami can shove the enemy model or the friendly model (if she missed the size test) out of combat without any penalty.


Have I missed something?


(Sorry for my bad english)


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You can also use it to remove a model from a zone or to prevent them from praying an Idol, aside from that you didn't miss anything