How yo use the fishes

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How yo use the fishes

Hi, I am trying to build a descent list using some pirates fishes.

I encounter difficulties to get something as strong as a Yuji / Minato black sails based list.

There are two possibilities.

_ The first one, is to use at least Minato and some fishes. The problem is that I find Ryota and the crab less cost effective that Lua. And with the fishes, the black sail theme is not allowed... I think this kind of list not really reliable...

_ The second one and the better solution for me is to build a Queen of the wave list. But again, I fond that the fishes lack of power. I love Ryota's mini, but I find him weak compared to Lua. I love the crab's mini too, yes he is tanky, but he strike almost like almost like a 4 points Kohanin for 10 points ! Arata has a good synergy with the taunt enhancement but the impetous trait is horrible...


Finally I find the Queen of the wave list better without fishes. I struggle to find a place for theme when I compare them to the other humans minis.


So have you some good results with theme ? How do you use them ?

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They are best served cold, with sticky rice !

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Crabman is the most durable model in the faction with his immense health+armour+Fear (5) to keep himself alive.  He's also on a 50mm base.  Tetsuso's main function is to take and hold a part of the board.
Synergies: Kami of the Morning Dew - if the water kami follows Tetsuso around, he pretty much never dies.

This sharkman's purpose in life is to try and kill a weak or damaged model early in a turn (hence the Impetuous).  I've used him a few times to simply delete an enemy model at the start of turn 2, but I find the drawbacks of Impetuous outweigh his usefulness.  Only use Hammer Strike when you can drop an enemy model doesn to 1 dice in melee.
Synergies: Queen of the Waves - the placement effect can often put him behind an enemy model at the start of the turn so you can get the surprised bonus.

The more useful of the two sharkmen, Ryoto is less likely to delete an enemy model at the start of a turn, but doesn't have the drawbacks of Arata.  It's important to keep Ryota's charge lanes clear, and you can get Second Wind to trigger quite often.
Synergies: With the addition of Order (3/Kaizoku/6) to Mari Jung, Ryota can potentially charge twice a turn.  Obviously he can do this with Yuji as well.