Some ninjas questions

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Some ninjas questions

Hi, I have two questions concerning the ninja faction and maybe somes others..


1. Can a model use the ki feat distraction on a enemy who is already in btb with another friendly model ? I think it's yes.


2. I know that a blind model can draw LoS to a model in BtB. So to suprise a blind model you have to Melee the model in its back arc. But, can a model in a smoke bomb draw LoS to a model in BtB ? If I melee a model in a smoke bomb, is it auto surprised ? Or have I to engage it in its back arc ?

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Hi Fabiusbile,

1) you can distract a model to rotate them in btb but the already in engaged model will not benefit from surprise - surprise occurs when a model comes into btb.

2) models can always see to their base edge of their front arc. Smoke bombs can be used to create a blind effect on an opponent but the front arc of the base rules still apply. You would have to walk past and attack the rear to gain surprise. It looks like ZoC is only to line of sight so a smoke bomb would remove a models ZoC where it is blocked to the base.