Pirates questions

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Pirates questions

1. What happens exactly if a light footed with the unstable trait move through Difficult Terrain

elements ? For exemple teemo or asami with a peg leg.
2. With the taunt enhancement. When taunting an enemy models with the same ki statistic, what happens in case of equality,  because, in the starting phase, there is no active player.
3. Same question but with events like dark secret.
Thank you.
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1.) Nothing.  Light Footed means the model treats all Difficult terrain as Normal.  Unstable does nothing on Normal terrain.

2.) Unique effects happen at the end of the Starting Phase, and the person who won the Tactical Roll declares and resolves effects second.  While not strictly the Active player, it is treated as such.

3.) See above, but you I believe Dark Secrets has a specific window of activation.