What are Ito's Playstyles?

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What are Ito's Playstyles?

Oy vey, over a month since any posts here in the Ito Dojo...

I'm new to Bushido and Ito. I've seen a few mentions to some of Ito's play styles, but nothing really spelled out in any detail. Think I've seen mention of samurai heavy and shisai heavy lists. Are there other good themes and/or combos-synergies available?

Basically...  Could a vet give a basic explanation on the faction's best styles and what would typically go into that style model wise? Doesn't have to be huge or exhaustive, just a few sentences or so.

Thanks in advance!

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I'm not vet, but I do study up on most factions. Am sure some more expert players will offer some field-experience thoughts, but here are mine for now:

Ito have two features that stand out in particular - their Poison Game, and their Lightning Reflexes.

The Poison Game comes from their Blood of Orochi which comes from any Ito with "snake-qualities" (aka your Naga, Gorgons, etc...). It gains some extra boost in the "ssss-terhood" (aka the Shisai) who are quite powerful when all three are together as their unique effect gives them all Force of Will (2) and Iron Mind (2) - that REALLY boosts their Ki-Attacks up. Satsuki in particular is able to cause a target's Poison Condition to resolve immediately (as if it were the End Phase) with her "Accelerate Venom".

Tamotsu and Kaihime Ito work nicely with this style as you can give either Poison (2/2) on their bow via Blood of Orochi, take a shot, and get an enemy suffering from poison via arrow-head. Then have Satsuki accelerate the damage!

I'd say this style is rewarded best in larger games where you can buy multiple "Blood of Orochi" models to max out the poison mechanics on your enemies. Its weakness will come if facing targets with Toughness/ Poison Immunity, but there are still tools in that style to overcome those. Afterall, the game is about securing VP - not wiping out the enemy.


The other style is the Lightning Reflexes/ First Strike list. This can hybrid into the Poison Game (Kenzo Ito for example - first strike means you will assure you get damage, which will get the venom from Blood of Orochi in the target's veins) but it works fine as is if you want to go pure-speed.

Lightning Reflexes is AWESOME. Its essentially First-Strike on speed. If you are attacked, you hit first (even if in Melee, which would normally shut First Strike down). It essentially gives you an aggressive defense - if your enemies come at you, you can go all in to execute them before they hit you, or play reserved and strike once you feel safer that you will take them down.

This theme doesn't come with much synergy as is, so its great in smaller games as each model is semi-independant of the warband. But it can also be grown to become a Hybrid with Poison (as mentioned) or remain pure swift-blade awesome in larger warbands.


Thats what I can offer. Hope its something, and hope a more XP player can give you something more.

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Ito 1.01, to where many Ito players drift, is the Posioned Arrow. It´s a Blood of Orochi strategy. Basically Kaihime shoots a posioned (2/2) arrow at a target T2 followed by Satsuki accelerating the poison, thus killing the target at the end of turn 2. An Alpha Strike list attempting to get action advantage through killing power. Another common variant on this is the big bad samurais Kenzo and Masunagi escorted by enough BoO models to do this by melee.

The control list is where Ito uses the synergy of the Shisais and Mizuki for a controlling game. Model x gets exhausted/Held/Controlled/have their Ki stolen etc. This is closer to Yurei and Silvermoon, sacrificing killing power for versatility.

A third is the command style which uses Satoshi and a mana battery, preferably Satsuki, to gain action advantage through the Order Feat. This is similar to what Ruy excels at, but Ito can be considered to be slighty more versatile there because of the Ki-stealing ability which can keep fuelling the offensive.

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