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Genma crouched.  In his quivering hands, he desperately clutched the sacred talisman that the priests had assured him would protect him and guide him through the night.  His cold sweat left a trail that even the weakest of hounds could track.  Amongst the undergrowth, Genma wiped his brow with his sleeve.  A simple action, but one he had done countless times, and that brought some semblance of normalcy to this singular and terrifying event in his life.  The forest then went silent.

“Who’s there?!” Genma demanded.  The scouts had assured the temple that this path was clear of all enemies.  No answer came and the sounds of his voice were devoured by the dark.  He then did what any rational soldier would do.  He ran.

Under the moonlight he was able to traverse the deer trails quickly.  He half-imagined the tree branches reaching out for him, but the Shingon talisman was ensorcelled.  Proof against evil that the spirits would attempt to work on him.  Confident, Genma pushed on even harder.  He had to reach the shrine.

With a great sprint, Genma broke free of the forest’s shadows and into a clearing.  The stars sparkled and the moon lit up the clearing.  And in that brief moment of solace that Genma stole, the shadows took their due. 

As his eyes came down from the heaven’s, Genma focused on a spot that blocked his path to the shrine.  Out of the long grasses, smoke-like tendrils moved with wicked purpose feeling their way through the growth like some newborn desperate for his mother’s teat.  Genma backed up as he saw the feelers find their desire.  Slowly the darkness drew into itself bringing with it ruined portions of Sode, Kote, Do, and finally an ancient Kabuto.  The once-proud trappings of a Samurai now towered in the night- a cruel mockery of all that was once proud in a man.

Genma defiantly raised the Shingon talisman up and demanded, “Back!”  For the briefest of moments, the darkness tilted its helm as if considering the paper.  In that moment, a dull glow emitted from the paper.  Hope.  It blossomed in Genma as he saw the glow.  Just as quickly as it appeared, terror supplanted it.  The dark thing was on him in a moment.  Cruel talons fashioned out of nightmares tore through the soldier spraying the night in crimson rain.  His hand still clutched the talisman even though it landed several feet from him remains. 

The talisman’s glow faded and then it too was rent to pieces by the darkness.  There would be no hope this night and the darkness still hungered.


Scenario Type:  Special

Deployment: Baseline.

Number of Turns: Fixed (6)


  1. 1VP To the player with most markers at the end of Turn 2.
  2. 1VP To the player with most markers at the end of Turn 4.
  3. 1VP To the player with most markers at the end of Turn 6.


In the event that the players are tied for the same number of markers, then no VPs will be awarded in that round.

Special:  In this scenario, each player has 4 Shingon markers to distribute.   Only non-insignificant models may be assigned one.   This is open information and must be declared during deployment. They must spend a simple action to place it.  Once placed, it may not be moved.  They are non-transferable.  Enemies may destroy them, however. 

They have 1 wound.  The Shingon markers are also considered "Tiny" for purposes of ranged attacks.  They may be represented with a glass bead, dime, or small d6, or similar-sized token that would not extend beyond the Zone of Control of a model.

Because of the size of the Shingon, as long as a model is in base-to-base contact with one, it is not possible for an opponent to melee the marker due to the Zone of Control which envelopes the marker.  You must melee the model first. 

To score, each player must attempt to plant their markers in their opponent's half of the board.  The player with the most active markers at the end of each scoring period will win the VP for that round.


Simplified:  So, you have to plant your marker with a simple action in the opponent's half of the board to hope to score.  They will try and destroy your markers and stop you from accomplishing your mission.



What is a Shingon Talisman?  It's a piece of paper with a prayer written on it. 



I wrote this scenario for a tournament I ran in Durham, NC.  It was a lot of fun making this and changing it as it got playtested with feedback from my local community.  I hope others will enjoy it as well!



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Seems nice!

I'll try it to make sure I understand it correctly, then I'll put it in the generator ^^

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awesome thank you very much will give it a try next week am very excited


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undead_ichi wrote:

awesome thank you very much will give it a try next week am very excited


You're welcome! My local community enjoyed playing it and it made a great include for my tournament.