Sleeve size?

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Sleeve size?

Hello all,


i am am trying to find sleeve sizes for card for Bushido...?

I might be being daft, but I can't find it anywhere... I'm new to Bushido.


What sizes sleeves do you use? And where do you get them in the Uk...?

Big thanks.


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No problem for asking, might not be that obvious to everyone if they've never played a game where sleeves were recommended.

I'm not entirely sure where to get them in the UK (depends on locality). Best stores are probably those that sell magic cards (if they only sell other card/board games they might not have them). Try to find the store(s) near you. I think Travelling Man in York should have them and Dark Sphere in London (I don't live in the UK myself but been to both stores).

However you need standard sized sleeves. Best to use something like fantasy flight sleeves (the grey package50 per pack, ) those are the exact size. Or something like ultra pro deck protector clear sleeves standard (50 per pack) or Dragon Shield clear (100 per pack). They should al be something like 2 5/8 " by 3 5/8 ". They are ofcourse available from various on-line retailers.

Hope this helps!
Kind regards,

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I use standard size KMC card barriers 64mm x 89mm.  Fits tight but just right!

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The best sleeves I have found are Ultra Pro Standard Deck Protector Sleeves at 66mm x 91mm

They are a snug fit for solid protection and are even small enough to fit into a standard 9 slot trading card sleeve for a 3 ring binder for extra protection and handy storage