Surfing Monkeys?

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Surfing Monkeys?

I just wanted to check my interpretation on this is right.

Assume a Temple force with Riku, Koji and pack plus someone to channel Ki to Riku.

Scout deploy Koji and pals 4" forwards with Riku immediately behind.  Channel to Riku or find some other way to get 3 Ki.  Riku activates, summons his Wall of Water between himself and Koji and uses Tsunami to send it straight ahead.  Koji, being Small, has a 2/3 chance of catching the wave and surfing 8" forwards.  The monkeys are even smaller so most of them should go with him, if not all.

By my reading that means Koji can start his first activation, turn 1, on the centre line with his ablative monkeys for defence (and potentially a Wall of Water to duck behind for extra protection).  Seems like it could have some scenario uses.  Am I missing something?

More generally, I just realised I've been thinking about Tsunami pushing enemy models where in a lot of cases an 8" movement boost for friendlies will be far more useful.  And there's nothing stopping you placing the Wall BtB with your own models.

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Yes, monkeys can surf.  So can Suchiro...