Lillybeth first game Wave VS Ito

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Lillybeth first game Wave VS Ito

Ok here goes.... another batrep this time I play against the Mrs (no holds bard ive got to win shes very competitive and a bloody good gamer and I would never hear the end of it)

Playing Mesenger again

Zuba Kemono Kano 36 rice Liz Mesenger Zuba

Itsunagi Kenzo Takeji Bushi 35 rice Gazza Mesenger Takeji

Turn 1

yeah they look bad to the bone ready to crush some Ito Skulls

yeah they dont look as scary as the Oni but why oh why doesent Kenzo cause fear??

Tuen 1 sees us all move quite central to try and take control of the board Kano first Kemono and Zuba last

Itsunagi moves then kenzo takeji runs then bushi to the bridge

the tension is building already

Lillybeth dosent know all the special rules etc so I gave her a bit of advice wish I hadnt

Next turn she uses Ushi tactician wins turn 2 mind ?@£$'s Kenzo with Obey she decides to hit Itsunagi takes 1 wound I was so lucky now they are both tired start of second turn gutted.

ok so now Takeji runs to the river to try and get to the enemy deployment still Lillybeth was thinking I was trying to trick her but I wasnt Takeji was my Messenger Ushi turn 2 yes mind ?@£$'s Kenzo again he now takes 3 wounds form Itsunagi I was thinking wish I was wave right now... still not in mele reach of eachother but charge was still on will she charge me with Kano surely not?

ok heres what happens next Zuba walked towards Takeji Zuba knocked Takeji Prone Kano and Bushi fight it  out Bushi ends up killing Kano Kemono charges in destroys the Bushi (I think he ripped his arms clean off)

Kemono finally got what he wanted he got real angry and charged...... dead Bushi blood and guts everywhere at last all that mind ?@£$ing of Ushi was getting old!

So now we have an exhausted Oni soon to be outnumbered by Itsunagi and Kenzo lots of defence dice going on and lots of bad dice by me Lillybeth was looking a bit like this Peed off about Kano and not looking forward to the next few turns come on we all Know what that feels like....

so here we areLillybeth has taken this personally so I did the honarable thing killed Kemono with the boys she moves Zuba up but cant get into mele even more anoyed I thought she was going into Oni rage but she managed to control her anger quite surprisng for an Oni!

 this is what the table looked like now exept that Kemono got sent back to HELL!

Then Zuba attacks Itsunagi I thought I was rolling 2 defence and 2 Attack playing it safe but no I picked up the wrong ?@£$ing dice and then i Looked like this .......

Babe I rolled two of each! Lillybeth replies "take that model off the table and take a picture" (Gutted but quite proud also)  thats it no more crap dice im putting the order in for Bushido faction dice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Takeji reveals he is the mesenger Zuba has another round with Kenzo he is now on 1 wound Kenzo still full health aswell as Takeji it all ends turn 5 2 victory points to the Ito and 1 for the Wave what a game could have gone either way down to dice as it always is

Peace and Respect

Gazza & Lillybeth

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Next time Gazza you might not be so lucky. You know once she picks up the rules better she'll be a good opponent for anyone! Guess we'd better start practicing our "unhappy face look" for the day she wins! :)

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Having just three models, even if they're big bad red guys, is hard. Soo few activations. 

You only had three, but that's still 33% more actions each turn.


Nice writeup and good pictures! Keep 'em coming!

I follow the rules of bushido. I am a bushi.

Swedish players, rally to Hokuō Bushido!

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Agreed running out of actions is a problem this was just a beginner game to get lilybeth to learn the basics next game will be all the bakemono

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My Mrs and I were loving this Batrep. great pics and great scenery! inspirational!

Miyamoto Iori