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Recent Lists

Its that thread again!

My recent games have had a few lists but I have four (I think) to share right now.

The first was simple "What about a list with ALL the master monks?"

This doesn't leave much rice, Enos needs at least an Earth Kami and that's 49 points, only 5 models!
But wait!  this is in theme so the Earth Kami is free!  That means I can have Aiko and maybe Hotei's Blessing at 50 rice.
The final list then:

Earth Kami
1 Rice card (Prayer beads or an event maybe)

This actually plays ok, with prayer beads all models make 3 Ki per turn and Ekusa can put it wherever you want it.  Every Master can do what they want whenever because there is so much Ki around!


Next, Bastions of the Mountain:

Fisherwoman of the Shiromizu
Ashinaga Tenaga
Mura no Musuko
Kawa no Rojin
Earth Kami
Rope Trap x2
1 Rice Card

This list gains a free trap every turn and starts with 2 so you have 8 for the game!  If you just want to annoy your opponent, this is the list :)
It actually plays quite well but suffers from Kaito being the main damage dealer (Powerful Attack) and the tank (Toughness (2), Armour (2) from Kami and Buffalo) but both the buffalos can make up for that a little.
If you wanted to learn how to do well with very little, this is the list.  Everything is basically dross but if you remember the layers and layers of buffs (+1 Ki, Luck token, Toughness (1) or Last Stand, Tireless or Fearless, Aware, Inspiration, Armour (2) or Durable, Self Sacrifice...) it can go toe to toe with anything.


Something, something, something, Rashka!

Rashka is a big issue for Temple.  We have no fighter to match him and no awesome ranged to take advantage of his Large trait.  If you want to win against him, Kami of the Suiden is what you need, if you want to kill him, get Master Po.

Master Po
Kenko, North Tree
Kami of the Suiden
Kami of Eternal Earth
Prayer beads (Suchiro)
Hotei's Blessing

I had Po go and kill Rashka in one exchange on turn one last game.  Good times.
The rest of the list plays old school, don't worry about the opponent, worry about scenario.


We got a panda.  He's properly badass.

Earth Kami
Earth Kami
Prayer Beads (Suchiro)
Roadside Shrine

First try at a list.  Basically Kuma is a second line melee model.  You need to engage, exhause someone then bring Kuma when they are exhausted and outnumbered (And stunned ;)  ) and powerful attack them to death.  He should be one-shotting models at that point and its easy to manufacture.  Don't be tricked into thinking he's a tank, he has Armour 1 and no other defenses.  Playing some Tengu, Kuma killed 3 duded on his own, while exhausted and they came at him.  He is a nice model and something very new to Temple.


So these are my lists for playing real games, what have you guys been using?  

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I love the Masters list - never played Enos (sorry Jason) but it does look very playable. 

we mainly play 42 rice so I wouldn't be able to field all of them...

my recent list was a Righteous Warriors band consisting of -


kenko (north tree)

aiko and the guardian (silver back/arashi fan)

koji and pack

free earth Kami 

really enjoyed playing them.

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I don't usually recommend Enos to anyone else, I made him specially for me and he does very specific things that I wanted.  Its not something I could do now as I have to make models most people like.  To be honest we may have overdone it as I think I got a good use out of him last month for the first time so he may be a bit too hard to make work!

Dim mak  also solves most problems if you really need it.

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How important is for a tournament quality warband to have a heavyhitter in the list?

What scenarios are easier to handle having one? Which are harder if there's no one and most of them are focused on objectives?

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Well, last time I played your master enos, he performed wonderfully... Combo strike + taking the hit point to add to his ki pool worked great against durable opponents...

Beside that he is good at tanking, with his split attack he can exhaust two ennemies at the same time, he can ki block...

In the end he is a kind of fighting toolbox