Special Card Competition

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Special Card Competition

One thing we here at GCT Studios pride ourselves on is the responsiveness of the community and the great feedback we receive from the players on ways to improve and enhance the Bushido play experience. This year we released the first Special card pack for each of the current factions. We have been really pleased with the way these cards were received and the feedback has been exactly what we had hoped it would be.


So, with that said we thought, “How can we involve the community more, and give a little back?”. Well the answer is simple, enable the players to directly engage in the game and characters they love putting on the gaming table week in, week out by having an open competition to design your own Special card!!.


How do we enter?, we here you ask. Well it’s simple, all you have had to do is submit the following information through the website contact tab, selecting “Special Card Competition” as the category.


What information do we need to submit? Simple, just enter the information as it appears on the Special cards.














Entrants are restricted to no more than three entries. The competition runs from now until August 31st 2014. Once we have all the entries in we will pick the top 3 for each faction and put it out to a public vote. The winner will see their Special card published in Special Card pack 2 next year and receive 100 Silvermoon reward points; the other finalists in the each faction will receive 50 Silvermoon reward points.