Introduce yourself

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This topic is where you can say 'hi' to the Bushido community.

So feel free to introduce yourself, and let us know where you play or live (so others can join you or arrange a game or two), which faction you are currently playing or intend on starting, etc.

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My first post on this forum so greetings to you all.

I have been collecting for around a year now as I enjoy painting the minis. Im now taking the plunge to start gaming with them all.

Anyone else having problems with the podcast not working?

Hope you all have a good Xmas and Santa brings you lots of new minis ;-)


By Roscoe_AP (not verified)

I guys! 

I'm a new Ito player in Rotterdam! 

This game is amazing and the comunity here is really wanderful. I'm starting right now and I'll post some pictures of my models after panting, they are really dynamic and the flavour of the game is simply beutiful. 




By arborya (not verified)

Hi Guys,

Just picked up the game at Salute and super excited about starting on my Bushido journey. I picked up the 7 ninjas from Kage and the limited show ninja. Just started reading the rulebook and the fluff and am mightely impressed so far. Got 3 mates who picked up starter sets from the other factions so got a few people to play.

Live around the Manchester area in the UK so if there are any seasoned veterans aroudn there who want to run me through a few games I would appreciate it. 

Also keen to film some battle reports and Bushido Video logs on my YouTube channel so let me know if you guys would be up for seeing some Bushido content as there seems to be relatively little around on the tinterwebs at present. Anyone out for now.


Chris Hay

By cdhay (not verified)

Howdie All :)

New Player in Sydney, Australia. Jumping into Silvermoon with both feet (as is my want :P ). Like to have all options to explore and mix and match to keep my gaming. 'Optimising' a list and running it ad nauseum isn't my kinda thing.

Would probably consider myself a Collector -> Gamer -> Painter... in that order which is necessarily how it should go :P . But I have been taking steps just recently to reverse that flow and paint the mountain of backlog. :)

I will admit I have been eyeing off the awesome models on this site for years. And being offered a great deal on some Silvermoons (my preferred faction) got to finally buy in.

I have started a painting log in the Silvermoon forum. And now time to dive into some of the thread archives to read up what people are doing in this game. Gaming may be a while as it seems few and far between in Sydney atm.

Cheers :)

By D_Arquebus


I'm in Sittingbourne, Kent and I've been wargaming for 20+ years and have always been a sucker for small skirmish games.

I had a demo at the Broadside wargames show a couple of years ago but haven't got round to starting yet.

I've been looking for a new game (been playing Guild Ball pretty much exclusively for the past year) and have decided that Bushdo is the way to go. A couple in my local club are also interested , so we'll see how it goes.

Unsure what faction currently, but thinking Cult of Yurei or Silvermoon Syndicate.


By LeadDiceandBeers (not verified)
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Welcome to a great game guys :) Factions are quite different, so expect a new experience everytime you try or meet something.

By Ret-MattT -- The Eagle shares the nest. The Dragon burns it. Join the Black Eagle and crush the usurpers!

I am Sean from Sacramento, California in the USA.  I study samurai swordsmanship and just found the rulebook to Bushido last week.  Put in orders for a few clans and I am unsure as to whom I will start.  I am also excited about building my own terrain.  I am hoping to find local players first, but still look forward to chatting with you all.

By SamuraiSean (not verified)
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This game kicks ass, sean, hope you find some friends to play with

By darkframboisier

HI, just thought I'd say a quick hello as I've been lurking around here for a while now. Currently painting up my Ito Clan and helping my son with his Cult of Yurei... although we haven't actually had a game yet...

I've been posting a few shots of our (very steady) progress here:

I'm really enjoying painting the miniatures up and love the aesthetic anyway, and the new miniatures really seem to be improving with every release (not that they weren't great to begin with!). I hope there's an Ito release as cool as Kento Takashi in the works!

By Ito Ed (not verified)
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Very nice paintings, usually love the green/blue color schemes did that on my Mizuchi

By darkframboisier
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Hi I'm Andy, im from Ramsgate in Kent, England. 

i've been dying to get into Bushido ever since I saw Mizuchi many years ago when I was looking to put together a Nippon army for WFB (a project that never got off the ground!) fast forward a few years and a retailer was offering Bushido minis with 60% off for a Black Friday event last year - sold! I'll take a load of Temple figs off your hands, thank you.  Forward on a bit more and Salute 2016, I arrive with a Prefecture shopping list in hand, speak to the guys on the stand (they were brilliant!) played a demo and walked away with a shed load of minis.

i love the look and feel of the game, am yet to play a competitive game as I've been deliberately waiting until I paint up a couple of factions, a board and terrain/objectives in order to keep motivation going. The tactic is working as I'm practically salivating at getting started. Ive collected warbands based on the look of the models rather than synergy or power but will streamline them when I start playing although to be fair I'm more of an aesthetic player rather than a seriously competitive one.

I'm running a gaming blog called "da Gobbo's Grotto" which is about all the game systems I currently play but at the moment seems to be almost exclusively Bushido ;-) the link below is the first time I start pulling together my Bushido project.


dGG aka Andy

By Da Gobbo's Grotto --

"When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. When you listen, you learn something new."
Dalai Lama

“Move swift as the Wind and closely-formed as the Wood. Attack like the Fire and be still as the Mountain"
Sun Tze. The Art of War

Hi everyone I heard about the game from the WCWW podcast around April but didn't pick up any models till recently when a buddy of mine showed interest in the game. I used to play the L5R card game when I was younger and Bushido kind of gives me the same vibe. I started out picking up the Cult and Kage then last week at Gencon picked up the Jung. If anyone is located around central Illinois in the US hit me up and we can play some games! 

By Mcmanus (not verified)

Hello my name is Paul, i'm from Southlondon i havent played bushido long and am still learning. I like the cult alot and thanks to my friend for letting me use them im going to go on a buy my own cult force. It truly is a pleasure to be here and very nice to meet you all.


By Mr Looker (not verified)

Hello everyone,


I forgot to introduce myself when I registered on this site.

So I am  Alexis Aka Furios.

I am a bushido player with faction Temple and Ito.

I play in Nice (France) with the club NWA in association with the shop Good Games Miniatures.

We have a little community here and we try to expand it.

By furios

welcome to the game peoples if you have any questions feel free to ask 

good to see u here mr looker 

By undead_ichi
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Hey there, my name is Jordan, but my friends call me Panda. I'm in the USA. I play Bushido with my dad and brother, and we love to see GCT at GenCon every year!
I main Cult, my dad has Silver moon, and my brother uses boring old Ryu. It's hard to get any matches stateside because of the size of the country and the number of players, but I always want to help push the game!

By Quwaz

Welcome Quwaz. I'm in the USA too. And yes it's hard to find players locally. Luckily, 3 people is enough to enjoy the game, more so in a campaign style set up where there is a fluff reason to be fighting the same people. Add 1 more player and you'll be better off than most groups. Good luck out there.

By minoa
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Try playing Bushido in Kent, England there's like two of us here!!

welcome to the best skirmish game I've ever played!

By Da Gobbo's Grotto --

"When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. When you listen, you learn something new."
Dalai Lama

“Move swift as the Wind and closely-formed as the Wood. Attack like the Fire and be still as the Mountain"
Sun Tze. The Art of War

Need more players in Kent


By NerherdRulez (not verified)
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But that is England. You are like 1-2 hours from anywhere, right? Even if there is no players in that city you just drive to the next one a couple times a week to play. There must be more in London at least. The closest gaming store near me is 40 minutes, and it's closing down soon.

By Quwaz

Hi, I'm Ben from France.

I've been playing for a couple of month but too lazy to register. I played a lot with my friends models and now, I main tengu but I'm building a savage wave band to smash monks with onis. 

By Wogshrog
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Quwaz wrote:

But that is England. You are like 1-2 hours from anywhere, right? Even if there is no players in that city you just drive to the next one a couple times a week to play. There must be more in London at least. The closest gaming store near me is 40 minutes, and it's closing down soon.


it takes 9 hours to get to Blackpool from where I live, 2 hours to London and at least an hour to the nearest store with reg Bushido games. England's a little bigger than you think :-)

sucks that your games stores closing though man. At least your family play though

By Da Gobbo's Grotto --

"When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. When you listen, you learn something new."
Dalai Lama

“Move swift as the Wind and closely-formed as the Wood. Attack like the Fire and be still as the Mountain"
Sun Tze. The Art of War

Hello, thought I'd better say a proper hello to everyone. Let's get the Kent masses behind this great game.

By Damon Carlton (not verified)

Hi guys,


I just wanted to say hello. My name is Michael and I´m from Kaiserslautern, Germany. I´m interested in starting Bushido with the lovely Ninja faction. Maybe you can help me on my way to become a new Bushido player.




By Demagoge

Hi I'm Ed,

I'm from just outside of St. Augustine, Florida.

I saw the game on "Guerilla Miniature Games" YouTube channel and loved it.

Going with Temple of Ro-Kan, after seeing Master Ekusa on the Turtle I was committed.

I have the miniatures in route so I hope to play some time soon.

All the best & Happy Nrw Year.


By Ed Markle (not verified)

Welcome !

I do love "Guerilla Miniature Games" it's a great channel. I have to say Master Ekusa and his turtle got a lot of ppl into this game ;)

I'd advise you to be carefull on your first games, because they made many mistakes on the video I watched. Feel free to ask on the forum if you need anything, the Ret and other ppl are really helpfull.

By Wogshrog

Thank You for the Welcome.

I'll do that, Forum be prepared.

I've noticed Ash make a few mistakes, but he is entertaining. I read through the download of the rules before watching & thought, "That's not right." But wasn't sure if I was remembering it right myself.

Strangest thing I noticed, on the locater there is another player on the other side of town from me. What are the odds of that happening?

Mater Ekusa was my tipping point to buying in. There were two Galopogose Turtles in my home town when I was in my teens & before. I have no idea how long they'd been around as they are so long lived. I thought they were the coolist thing ever as a little kid. I got to ride on one when I was 4 or 5. So you see my attraction to the Temple of Ro-Kan. I hope I spelled all of these correctly?

Thanks again Wogshrog for the welcome.


By Ed Markle (not verified)
Da Gobbo's Grotto's picture

Ed, you've bought into my favourite faction and for such an excellent reason! Mine was for the Guardian (massive silverback) and Kitsune, plus Temple is such a fun faction with Monks and Animals aplenty. 


By Da Gobbo's Grotto --

"When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. When you listen, you learn something new."
Dalai Lama

“Move swift as the Wind and closely-formed as the Wood. Attack like the Fire and be still as the Mountain"
Sun Tze. The Art of War

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Welcome dude, you'll see it's a great game, monks or not (it's hard to keep only one faction in the mlong run, you might wanna try some others after a while ;))

By darkframboisier

Da Gobbo,

Hard to resist. I bought a bunch of the minis & eagerly await their arrival. The animal side of the faction has it's appeal. I used to ages ago play Clan War, also Katana more a skirmish scale.

I enjoyed playing the Ikko Ikki Warrior Monks. But the years have passed & my eyes aren't what they once were. I just want them to look respectable so I'll be taking my time.

Thanks for the Welcome.


By Ed Markle (not verified)

Hi Ret-darkframboisier,

Thanks for the Welcome.

I already have my eye on a couple of other factions. First I want to paint & play Temple. No doubt I'll want to acquire a second faction around summer or earliy fall. The problem, of course, is choosing just one.

I've concidered picking up a starter for each of the other factions & slowly growing one of them, while acquiring the full Temple faction at the same time. Decisions, decisions.

Thanks again to everyone for the Warm Welcome.


By Ed Markle (not verified)
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My name is Kyle.  I live in Wyoming in the USA which is about the middle of nowhere.  Have played 40k for 25 years now also dabbled in war machine malifaux infinity and recent took up bolt action.  Then I saw Bushido and instantly fell in love.  within a month of deciding to buy minis and playing the game my gaming club now has 6 active players.  I play Temple and Kage and want to expand into Prefecture or Pirates.

By him2261
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Welcome Kyle, it seems like bushido interest is spreading like wildfire!

By darkframboisier

Welcome to Jwar Isles. Have fun! This game is great smiley

By Atrus --

Bushido its not about Killing, its about Tactic.
Welcome to the Oriental-Fantasy-Fusion Game.

Welcome to a great game. Well done for growing your local gaming base. We're trying to do the same.

By Damon Carlton (not verified)


My name is Julian and I just stumbled onto this game at Adepticon this past weekend.  Stopped for a demo and picked up the ito and Prefecture starters... then I came back for the ninjas... then the Jung... and now I have a bunch of terrain ordered.  I don't think there's a big scene for this back in Los Angeles so I'll just have to try and get my group to play.

By RidiQles --

Julian Garcia

Welcome to the game ! Get ready to have fun.

By Wogshrog

RidiQles welcome a great game and go you for buying all those mini's. 

Have fun and I am sure if you persist at demoing the game you will get more than enough to play regularly at your club.


By Damon Carlton (not verified)

Hello. My 2 friends and I also picked up some starter packs this last weekend at Adepticon. The booth was quite popular so I'm hoping that there will be some other new players in the Chicago-land area as well.

By bubzor888

That's good to hear bubz

I just want to get more peeps involved locally round my area. I will demo the game again after the holidays and lure more people into the game

By Damon Carlton (not verified)

Hi, my name is Paul. I am from northern Germany and recently started playing Bushido, collecting the Jung Pirates faction.

By Shou-Lao (not verified)

Hi guys, I'm Martin, from Aberdeen in the north of Scotland. Just started with Ito Clan :)

By Martin33a (not verified)

Hi all, I'm from London and have got myself the starter sets for Ro-Kan, Tengu, and the Ito Clan in an attempt to persuade my friends to play with me :)

By Filigree (not verified)

Hi! I'm from a city near Milano in Italy! I'm a retailer interested in spreading Bushido in the zone :) 

I play Yurei and Ito clan!

By Voidgames

Hiya, I'm Gareth from the north west of the UK.
I own a few models for painting purposes but really in starting to play the game! If anybody could point me in the direction of any "getting started" posts I'd be really ;)
Still can't decide on a faction, ATM players in my group had prefecture band silvermoon (there's a few of us interested)
I dont know enough about the rules to know playstyles by faction. On looks, I'm interested in either shadow wind clan, yurei or temple.
Cheers in advance!

By Yoritomo

Welcome ! There is a lot of post on how to start in each faction sub forum.
To start I would advise you not to got for the Ninja as they are really hard to master. You should choose a faction from what they look like. Their playstyles goes accordingly. So just grab a starter and go from there.

By Wogshrog


My name's Sven and I am from Hanau, Germany. Currently waiting on my order to be delivered. I hope to convince a few friends to try out Bushido with me. I am not sure which faction I want to really go for, but I got three starter boxes (Jung Pirates, Yakuza/Silvermoon and Prefecture of Ryo) since those looked most interesting to me.


By Kazuemon


my name is Melanie. I have a pretty boring job, where I always need to act very professionally and oficial. Games are my secret escape and I like to get a little wild while playing. It's nice to meet other people with similar situation, as I believe I can find some here :)



My checkdirector profile

By MJScadding (not verified)

I'm Skorp from Ann Arbor, MI. I'm an engineer who got into table top games a couple years ago when a Warhammer store popped up near where I do groceries. After going to Adepticon last year I fell in love with the Bushido models as I have some japanese martial arts background. I love the setting for Bushido, the small model counts, the small game board. I'm really excited to kick off my Bushido journey in earnest after this year's Adepticon. Here's to fighting ADD and sticking with it. Would love to find some local people to play with. 

By Ret-Skorp --

Lose yourself and find yourself again.


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