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I'm Skorp from Ann Arbor, MI. I'm an engineer who got into table top games a couple years ago when a Warhammer store popped up near where I do groceries. After going to Adepticon last year I fell in love with the Bushido models as I have some japanese martial arts background. I love the setting for Bushido, the small model counts, the small game board. I'm really excited to kick off my Bushido journey in earnest after this year's Adepticon. Here's to fighting ADD and sticking with it. Would love to find some local people to play with. 

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Hail fellow Bushi! I'm Kristoph, from Victoria BC.

I run a Podcast, and work for a local game store- amongst other things (Like publishing, literary agency etc).

Super fired up about this game- it really hits all the marks for me, which is a challenge. ( I am unashemedly a man of many games)


I jumped in with some Prefecture of Ryu and Ito to start demoing locally, but will likely grab some Kage, and Temple in short order. 

Once I get into the swing of things I'll be able to record some Podcast content on the game, as well as battle reports on the ole yewtubes as well.

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Hello everybody. My name is Michael. I'm from St. Petersburg (Russia). We are also trying to develop a community of Bushido in Russia

PS. Sorry for my English. (I use google translate)

Saint-Petersburg. Russia

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Добро пожаловать!

Kristoph, what's the podcast called?

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My name is Helen, pretty obviosu looking at my screenname, right?

I'm from New Foundland, Canada. Recently relocated to Vancouver for better career opportunities.


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Welcome Helen!  There are a few of us who play here in Vancouver, you should join us!

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Hello.  My name is Bryan, from California of the U.S.of A.  Got interested in Bushido a couple years ago? but I couldnt get anyone else interested.  Got a mostly new playgroup now, and when I saw the new edition I just couldnt resist.  Trying to get more people into it now

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Hi, everybody! My name's Kaylin and I'm from Indianapolis. I enjoy Bushido and other games too. I've come here to find playmates and smb to discuss my favorite games. One of them is If you get interested, welcome to join me =)

Kaylin Adiel, a keen gamer and big fan of Bushido. You can also find me gambling online and making a profit out of it.

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