Shiho - General Info

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Shiho - General Info

This post answers the most common questions about Shiho, but feel free to add your own, if it's not covered in this post!

Q: why is the Shiho section in the store constantly out of stock?

A: The Wolf Clan, part of the Shiho range, was released as an exclusive pre-release back in April. General availability, i.e official release date, has not been set as of yet - the world is starting spinning again but there are still production hurdles before the scheduled releases can go ahead. We'll keep you updated as and when things fall into place.

Q: Is the Wolf Clan the starter for the faction?

A: No, the Wolf Clan is a separate 'warband in a box' product that will be available alongside the Shiho Starter, to be released in the future.


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Is there any word of the plans for the Shiho Clan?

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There is a wider release coming Soon™.
We've just done a load of proofing of the cards, so it can't be that far off.