Retainer Program

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Retainer Program

What is a 'Retainer'?

In feudal Japan, Retainers were the personal guard of the Daimyo and the last line of defense of the castle and houses of the clan. They were trusted Samurai that proved themselves in battle time and time again, often acting beyond the call of duty. A Retainer followed his master into battle, sworn to protect him and his honor. They were also had the honor of looking after the castles and lands when the Daimyo was away on a campaign or attending court. Retainers of all levels were given a stipend not just as payment for services but also to recruit and train Ashigaru for the daimyo’s army. Some of them acted as personal counselors to the Daimyo himself and formed part of his war council. Such high level retainers received their own land and properties to manage so long as their loyalty remained unquestioned.

A Bushido Retainer is someone that is commited to supporting Bushido, we want enthusiastic and motivated individuals that want to go out there and help Bushido reach a wider audience.

How Do I find out more?

If you would like to know more and discuss becoming a Retainer please use the Contact Tab and then select Retainer Program.
*Please note that not everyone that applies will be successful, please don't take offence if you are not selected to be a Retainer. As a Retainer you are selected by GCT Studios to represent the game as closely as possible and often for unsuccessful applicants it is just a matter of experience with the game and the rules, if unsuccessful you can still try again at a later date but please leave 3 months between applications.