Hopes, dreams and ideas for the future of Bushido

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I feel like some of the earlier models could benefit from being resculpted. The newer sculpts are great, and the older ones just don’t match, in my opinion. 

I also second the idea of an updated rulebook. I haven’t actually bought the rulebook yet because I have a niggly feeling that I’ll buy it and a new one will be released soon after. 

I don’t want to see PVC models either. Resin is fine, to keep weight/cost down. But I try to avoid PVC models, mainly because they’re a pain to clean. 

Ive heard a two player starter is in the works which is great, looking forward to that. 

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Id like to see the game become a little less cluttered with tokens. We got ki, states, any effects, etc. All cluttering the table. I'd love to see a couple of tick boxes on the card to denote if your tired or exhausted. Similarly could we have a ki bar we could fill? Would make it simpler to keep track and produce less clutter.

I'd also quite like to see poison (and fire, etc.) be simplified. The system where tokens can intensify at the end of the turn is cool in theory,but clunky and rarely matters. For that matter I'd be quite happy to get rid of the varied strength of conditions and just have poison do X, no more levels of it. You could still stack multiple tokens of it if you wanted to I suppose.

Maybe make 1's slightly less punishing? Especially for low dice models rolling all 1s is not that unlikely and just bones you. Just letting it count as a 1 instead of a 0 still makes it bad just slightly less so.

Keep an eye on model count. One of the cool things about Bushido is the low model count but it can sometimes feel like the best idea is just to get as many models on the table as possible.

More Ki manipulation, preferably in different ways. Just like the Cult can cut themselves(and others) for Ki and Silver moon can gamble with theirs, maybe Ito can channel Oratchis favour into some sort of Ki manipulation, etc. It shouldn't be easy to power up your models but it would be cool if there were more thematic ways of interacting with Ki.

I really like the Ronin models we have received so far. More interesting individuals via that route could be cool. It could maybe even go along with another theme or two for each faction?

Also personally I'd quite like to see the game go to premeasuring. I can judge distance just fine, but I feel it leads to cleaner game play and more focus on tactical decision making than looking at the board trying to make sure you are in range. That's just never felt like it added any fun to the game.

Oh, when it comes to models. Hard plastic like GW or Malifaux would be great (just fewer tiny fiddly bits than Malifaux!) but that might be a stretch. But I have no fondness for metal models and would quite like to see them go away.

I'm sure I had another couple of points, but that's all I can remember right now.

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Wouldn't mind to see Kodama yokai for temple but I reckon they'd fit well with the bear clan 

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Hey there:

these are my thoughts.

1. As many have mentioned, an updated rulebook would be of great help, even an updated, living, electronic document would help (its the easiest way to correct and implement the inevitable errata).

2. Alternate profiles: while you have already included some in the card packs, I mean not just a different profile for the same miniature, but also a more (or less) experienced version of the same miniature. For example: Mo Ises before he joined Yurei, a more powerful version of Kato (but more possessed by the spirit), a few monks learning new techniques, etc.

3. Equipment cards: another option is to have a pack of equipment cards costing X rice, that can be added to certain profiles to give them, for example, +X in melee, weapon profiles, or X ability (with limitations on who can use them). I guess they would be part of the card packs.


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I would love a new version of the rulebook as there has been many errata now and it does need a general tidy, even if you are not going to print it a pdf would be muchly appreciated and also help new players so is win win, also we get more lore which is a must the world is very rich and i think more could be made out of it.

Another thing i would like is a re balancing of the older models cards some factions (temple i am looking at you) have some amazing new cards that are far more cost effective than the older ones. Yuuki is amazing and on of the best 8 rice miniatures in the game why would you not take her. itsunagi (form the ito) is so underpowered for his 13 rice that i dont see why you would take him.  i wouldnt mind if you had to buy the rebalanced packs as long as there were not too much of course  (while on that subject bring back the full colour faction cards they looked amazing and i would happily pay for them as well)

I like the idea of changing poison, fire and bleed as essentially they are the same, throw some other effects in there. Models that cause bleed become frenzied and gain melee dice or strength, poison slowing you down so you start tired for the next turn all have good thematic in game effects and are not just extra damage which is essentially dull. or have them all have the same rules. fire, poison, bleed all do 1 point of damage in the end phase and remove 1 token (dull but essentially what it does not and a lot more streamlined) 

Veteren models (like warmahords) i would like to see some miniatures have a veteren profile (possibly alt sculpt) an older grown up taka who is now 12 rice yes please same as some of the other lower cost profiles takeiji that challenges masunagi to become the new enforce of the ito. Gengo who lives up to his story and is a scary 8 rice butcher. the possibilities are endless for these 

I personally would hate to see pre measuring in the game i feel it takes a lot away from the feeling of hope and elation if your just in range (or dispair if your out) and pre measuring take some of the fun away, 

also a new website, this one is fine but nothing pops out and looks awesome you have some epic artwork show it off more also a newer site would make the store better (i know that would prob cost the most but its something i would like to see)

i would like more scenarios and possibly large beasts (a prefecture hunt against a 35 rice monster (non factioned) or the cults newest summoned yokai (50 rice) goes wild and attacks a nearby oni camp these single miniatures dont need to be competative for tournaments as they would lack activations for scenarios or just not be able to do scenario objectives but with specific missions that they are playable in. and could possibly recruit some creatures (rats, dogs, shatai or burakumin)

another thing thats more of a pet peve but the whole within or completely within issue i dont know how it become a thing but within and completely within are the same thing and for simplicity sakes i would like the game to have all movements be completely within. a model moves upto 1 inch cool he is an inch away from where he was, if he is placed 1" he should still only be an inch away but can now be behind another miniature or out of LOS. none of the "cards says within not completely within so i am moving oven an inch so part of my base is within the area bullshit (because that in not within look up the definition). when you design the miniature if you want it to move further give it a higher unit or distance 2"-3" rather than one 

i hope that helps i would be happy to elaborate if needed

sorry for the massive wall of txt

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I only have 2 games of Bushido since now.

But me and my opponent look across lot of games before choose it.


So, my toughts:


1) Model quality.

I hope Bushido remain in his high standard. I don’t really like so much the models of the wave 38 (but maybe it’s just me), it seems they lack of personality.

Maybe this is not true, maybe not every model in the game encounter my approvation, but please: remain high!


2) Better Pictures.

The models are amazingly painted, but I see the best when I had them in my hands. Some 3d pictures, because the models really shine when you understand how the sculpt is tridimensional, not only the detail but the pose are perferct. I would had choose this game time ago instead of today.


3) Less Tokens.

In the last game whe have Ki, Prayer Tokens, Victory Points, Run tokens, Prone tokens, Controlled tokens, Poison tokens… ther are lot of tokens.

I suggest to simplify some effects like poison or fire, something like giving X tokens (not numbered) and remove X/2 (rounded up) at the end of each turn. Having unnumbered tokens would simplify.

Next, in the Scenario page would be good a half page that helps you to get trace of what happens: for example, in the Idols scenario would be good a turn counter with “what to do” next to every turn, a pool of Prayer tokens for each phase and a VP counter. Something that you can print and use with a simple pen, just for that game. The best soulution to me it’s to have a scenario card for each player: which turn is, what happens, how many tokens you have, haw many scenario points and victory points.


4) Living Rulebook

There are not so many page of rules. I know it’s expensive to have something graphically good, but I think that there should be an updated rulebook and profiles online, because playing with wrong rules could be ruin your game experience.


5) Facoltative Randomness.

To it’s seems a little “chessy” game when the first two turn you exactly what you can expect from every model. Most of models are quick enough to make the battle fluid, without losing because you have position it in a wrong way.

But, I’d like to have some “narrative scenarios”: an ambush, a duel, something that would be correlated to the background like a fight with two sworn enemies that makes Bushido “live” not only as a tactical game but as a narrative game.


6) Multiplayer & Narrative Scenarios

Almost all the miniature games propose balanced scenarios for 2 players.

But.. what if we are 3 players? What if we are 4 but only with one table? Some scenarios could be interesting to play, like a 3 samurai duel, two little bands that ally each other to face a strong enemy (but not really rely on each other), killing a huge beast or pass through a horde of enemies with your best fighters.

Some narrative scenarios, something simple to reproduce, like a night-ninja-murder, a duel between two swordsmen (just to play a demo game, for example), or something that allows you to deepen the past of a character. Maybe a campaign – not necessarily with XP and prolongued effects – but something that tells a story to the player.

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undead_ichi wrote:

Another thing i would like is a re balancing of the older models cards some factions (temple i am looking at you) have some amazing new cards that are far more cost effective than the older ones. Yuuki is amazing and on of the best 8 rice miniatures in the game why would you not take her

That's so true, one of the things I liked about the game when I started was that every model sounded appealing, they all provided something unique and that was really nice. Some of the newer models tend to be more powerfull than the old ones and I feel that I have to play them to win. Also I don't like generic models too much they don't offer choices just model count and swarming is sad..

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Personally I love swarming.


And while I like the special rules from the named characters, from a narrative aspect I actually dislike them.

Not only can I not make up to much of my own lore about them, I killed Kato around 20 times. For a normal unnamed guy to die is not much of a problem, another can step in his place and once or twice he can make a miraculous recovery/ escape and survive. Although for a named person you know you will meat again and again it feels a little bit strange when doing narrative games.

Also my girl really loves the VIM based scenario's so more of those (possible even with multiple VIMs) would be great as well.