Samurai Only Warband?

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Samurai Only Warband?

Hi folks,


Lets get some more discussion going on here :)


In light of the recent additions to the Ryu in the form of Samurai, what are people’s thoughts with regards to a Samurai only warband? 

We have cheaper “filler” Samurai now capable of putting out a good bit of damage without sacrificing too much over the bigger badder Samurai making them cost effective in ways.

I really like the Retainers and I really like the Takashi Samurai.  The young Takashi card could also provide a cheap and cheerful character alongside the Takashi Samurai.

So what are your thoughts?


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You always want to include the Young Takashi - at least from what I remember of him, he's got the reverse version of Inspiration (he buffs people more expensive than himself.  Being the cheapest thing in the warband most of the time means he's free to buff someone like... Iiju Makoto.

The Blood of the Dragon theme is pretty robust with all the low-cost samurai now available, though you may lack Tactician unless you bring Katsumoto or Kioshi Makoto - both of them bring some very powerful activation control against your opponent: Katsumoto has Dominate (a hugely under-rated Ki feat) and Kioshi has Prediction (you have to be only a little cunning to make this one work).

Having said that, the Tactician may not be all that vital if your goal is to simply remove enemy models galore through Critical Strikes.  I wouldn't leave home without Iiju, he's by far the most reliable damage dealer in Prefecture as long as he can use Cleave.  With an extra dice from the Young Takashi he's good to Critical Strike away at effectively no MS loss.  Should you not be in a position for Cleave, he's got plenty of profiles to target with Inspiration.