New player looking for tips on tricksy Ninjas

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New player looking for tips on tricksy Ninjas

I'm new to Bushido, and just played my first game the other day. Halfway through the game I started to catch on to how I need to set up opprotunities to use the Ninja's assasin ability. By then though, it was too late.

I'm looking for some advice on how to use Ninjas and play to their advantages. Also, some advice on list-building would be great.

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First thing: Terrain is your friend. Nearly everything has camouflage and light footed. Terrain can give you a large advantage by being able to strike first and when you want to.

Second: You will probably be outnumbered. Take this into account with listboulding, you have some tireless and some indomitable ninja's try to get them into combat with multiple guys so your smaller ninja's can gang up on people. Because you are outnumbered it can be quite hard to actually attack someone in the back. Some ninja's have distraction which can help a lot, try to create a situation where 1 exhausted (hard since you will often be outnumbered) or 2 people will be attacked in the back with your next activation. The normal easy way to attack someone in the back is to melee someone so he has to turn towards you, is harder to do since you probably have less activations and less models.

Third, try to kill people fast, you are quite good at killing most things, and once the enemy has lost some models, he will have a hard time against your ninja's.

Lastly, Make sure you dictate the game, if the enemy can decide the play, you will just be running from point to point to deny him objectives/victory points. If you get into prolonged big combats it is usually over for you.

You are a ninja, strike first, strike hard and get out before he can retaliate.