Kitsune and enhancements

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Kitsune and enhancements

Shape shift states that wounds, ki, and state markers transfer between cards but does not say anything about enhancements. Would an enhacement on the Kitsune human form transfer to fox form when they shape shift?

If not, may I purchase a different enhancement for each form, following the normal rules for stacking, multi, and so on?

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This is only my opinion and may be completely wrong but you could argue that: as the model's cards state that both are considered the same model for the purposes of building a warband and the enhancement must be linked to a model at the creation of the warband, it wouldn't be unreasonable to say the enhancement is linked to the set of Kitsune cards, not one or the other. So I would suggest both cards can have the effect, unless a trait or other rule would be broken. For example, Nezumi (cult) would be insignificant in rat form, and therefore any enhancement would not apply while in that form. But great question as I cannot see an obvious direct answer to the query in the current rules and an official decision on it would be helpful.