First game with Prefecture

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Hamato Yoshi
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First game with Prefecture

I learned about Bushido about a month ago from the 'World's End Radio' podcast and bought my first starter box two weeks ago - Prefecture of course.

Last night I had my first two games of Bushido, both played against Temple.  One of the guys I invited along was hooked and is placing an order for Ito.  Basically, the games went really well with two Prefecture wins, but to be honest we were just learning the rules and played a 'stand and fight' rather than an actual scenario.  I am certain that once scenarios are played it will change the dynamic.

In the first game, my Ryu Yariman was the hero of the game.  He managed to kill two peasants, Kenko, and Master Ekusa by himself.  I managed to lose Hiro and Minuro, though.  Second game saw Temple gain some revenge (very un-Monk-like), killing the Yariman.  Jin and Hiro shone in this battle.  In both games Hanso was extremely useful.

Lots to learn, but Prefecture seems to suit my play style.  I found in both games that their stats and traits allow for a somewhat forgiving play style, so it takes just that little more for everything to go pear-shaped.

I'm looking forward to being a part of the community and getting a lot mroe games in.

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Welcome to Jwar Isles! Yes, Temple is a bit harder at the beggining, but when you realize how to use the special attacks/deffenses, when to fight etc they are amazing. The more you play, the more you learn and enjoy the game ^^

Have fun!


Bushido its not about Killing, its about Tactic.
Welcome to the Oriental-Fantasy-Fusion Game.