New to the game - Couple of questions

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New to the game - Couple of questions

Hi Guys,

I've just taken up the game of Bushido, and is really digging everything in it. Setting, size and dice mechanics.

But I've come across a few interactions I'd just like to hear how works, and if there's anything I've missed in the rules.


1) - Scenario Objectives - Are they considered terrain pieces when looking at cover? and are they considered impassible? (Gut feeling says yes to both)

2) - Is there any climbing action already in the game? - We have a few buildings with stairs, but open sides, roughly 1" high. So is there any action I'm missing, or would you just allow, lets say medium and bigger miniatures to sorta vault up from the sides?

3) Jung Pirates Temo's Frighten Dart - To lose the frightened marker, you have to pass another Fear Test. but is there any test to take against his dart, or is it an auto pass?

4) Multiple rerolls - If I have Martial Prowess, and my opponent has Feint. Who has the priority to use the rerolls first, considering that dice can only be rerolled once?

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On a completely different note.


We've managed to get about 7-9 players into the game in a short period of time, and I'd like to start an Escalation League/Conflict of sorts to get people into the rules together, and have some fun.

- Where would be the appropriate place to ask such questions, and get some feedback on a few ideas?

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1.) Yes, objectives are Blocking and Impassable.

2.) Nope.  Vertical movement isn't something we've touched on.

3.) It lasts until the End Phase.  It says this on the card, but don't worry, most of us have asked that very question when the effect was first introduced.

4.) There's a bit in the rulebook on who does rerolls first: generally the person with the Initiative does all their rerolls second.  Dice can be rerolled multiple times, but only once per effect - so you can Feint someone who used Martial Prowess to roll a 6.

The "general discussion" part of the forums is usually the main Factions forum.  If you want a faster response though, the Facebook group for "Bushido the Game" is the place to go.