Oriental buildings on Kickstarter

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Oriental buildings on Kickstarter

I've just seen these on kickstarter and they look pretty fantastic: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1093338811/east-asian-village-for-28mm-gamers?ref=category

Any plans to work alongside Foreground to make some pre-coloured laser-cut buildings here?

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Nice pics!

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its quite cool, i have gone for the dragon dojo so my prefecture have somewhere to train up and learn how to kill the wave lol

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Very cool but reluctant to pay the duties when coming from America

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Looking really nice, but as with most laser cut scenery the depth of detail ( texture) is quit low, so when you apply some paint on it, the detail is gone. I know this is pre-painted, but I would like to add some more.

Anyway, it is certainly a great deal.