Ranged Attacks against models who have charged

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Ranged Attacks against models who have charged
Just checking to see if I have missed something as I am very new to Bushido. If firing on a model that runs, your target number is +1. What happens if the model being targeted has charged? Is there still a +1 to the target number? I am not asking about possibly hitting a friendly model in BtB. The scenario could be that a model charged earlier in the turn, killed the model it charged and then is targeted by a range attack.
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Nope, only if the model Ran. I can understand that it seems counter-intuitive.

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A chagre is a nice predictable straight line toward the opponent, trying to get as much momentum as possible.
We assume our running models are zig-zagging and trying to avoid being hit, a charging character just can't do that.

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